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Eligibility for Champlain Study Abroad Opportunities

Students must be full-time and have completed 60 credits before beginning the semester abroad or summer program. Students need to be in good academic standing and have a minimum GPA of 2.75 and a record of strong participation as a college and community citizen.

If you are a Champlain College student applying for a program other than Champlain Abroad Montreal or Dublin, please contact the Office of International Education in order to receive the correct third-party approval application.

Application Process

The Champlain Abroad Application Process is designed to be straightforward and simple, and the application can be completed mostly online. Simply follow the links below:

Please note that the Champlain Abroad Office operates on a rolling admission basis, therefore, we encourage students to submit their application sooner rather than later.

You Can Begin the Abroad Application Process Below:

  • You can access a Montreal or Dublin application you have started here.
  • To apply for Champlain Abroad Dublin*, please click here: 
  • To apply for Champlain Abroad Montreal, please click here:
  • To apply for the Champlain Shanghai Summer Program, please click here:
  • For 3rd Party Study Abroad, Exchange, or non-Champlain Programs, please set up a meeting with the Office of International Education to discuss the application process. Applications can be accessed here.

Montreal and Dublin Courses and Descriptions:

Key Dates

Deadlines for Applications:

  • For fall semester or academic year study abroad: March 15 (February 15 for Internship Requests)
  • For summer programs: March 1 (December 1 for Freeman Asia Grant Program)
  • For spring semester Montreal and Dublin: October 1 (February 15 for Internship Requests)
  • Early Decision for Montreal and Dublin spring semester programs: March 15 of the prior academic year (this includes internships)
  • For spring semester third party, global partner, or exchange programs: October 1

*As a Dublin participant, you will be residing in Europe and therefore subject to the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).  You can view Champlain College Dublin's privacy statement here