Next Steps

  • Make sure you have a passport and that it is valid 6 months past your return date. Visit our passport page to find out more information.
  • Commit to the program in TerraDotta.
  • Work on your post-acceptance forms in TerraDotta.
  • Follow up on any specific concerns be they health, academics or accommodations. Now is the time to make sure that your program has the things you need in place.
  • Attend mandatory pre departure events as well as other social and informational events.
  • Read your emails for news about your program and your responsibilities.
  • Read our blogs to begin planning ahead.
  • Start watching TV shows and movies centered on your study abroad site.
  • Start language study. Check out Mango on the library’s website if you don’t know where to start.
  • Get all the details!
    • Luckily, Montreal and Dublin have all of the following information available on Google Sites, the links for which are in the Learning Content section in TerraDotta. Parents: your students can share these links with you.
      • Arrival and departure dates
      • Visa and immigration information
      • Insurance information
      • Academic Calendar (when are your vacations?)
      • Addresses
      • Budgeting Information
      • Banking Information
      • Cell phone information
      • Tips for Booking Flights
      • Arrival & Orientation Information
      • Packing Tips – what do you need?
      • Health & Safety information
      • Transportation

Champlain Abroad

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