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Health & Safety

Whether at home or abroad, your health and safety are our number one priority.

As you prepare for your time abroad, some forethought and a little planning can help ensure your health and safety in a new environment. It is important that you are proactive and that you communicate with our office and your support system to take the necessary steps to meet your individual needs. Below are some topics you may need to consider.

  • Get a check up with a physician or our Student Health Center well in advance of your travel plans; obtain any necessary immunizations.
  • If you rely on Support Services, such as a tutor or a therapist, please discuss your travel plans with them to make any necessary plans.
  • Consult the Center for Disease Control and Prevention’s guide listing advisories and health precautions for travelers by country, or visit a travel clinic or our Student Health Center for help interpreting these advisories.
  • The U.S. Department of State provides tips for students abroad and offers the Smart Traveler Enrollment program.
  • Champlain College students are required to keep their US health insurance and obtain international health insurance while they are abroad. For Montreal, Dublin and Exchange programs, the Champlain Abroad Office will purchase this insurance for the students. This insurance includes medical and risk evacuation as well as support for students who get injured, sick or need ongoing support such as mental health counseling.
  • Champlain students are required to respond to our Life Abroad Questionnaire in TerraDotta after they are accepted so that we can help them navigate any specific health and/or safety challenges.
  • Students should know that accommodation information is not automatically forwarded to our office or our study abroad locations. Please inform us ASAP if you have accommodations that you will need while abroad.

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