Liz Gillis
Liz Gillis
Affiliated with Dublin Campus, International Education

Historian and author Liz Gillis is from the Liberties. She has a Diploma in Classical Animation Studies and a Degree in Irish History. Liz currently works as a Researcher for the History Show on RTE Radio and has lectured at Champlain College since 2018. One of Liz's favourite things about teaching is watching the students develop their own judgements of Irish history.

Liz was the Historical Consultant for the new Hyatt Centric: The Liberties hotel and runs 'Revolution in Dublin Walking Tours'. She was a Curatorial Assistant in RTE, specialising in researching the Easter Rising and a tour guide for many years in Kilmainham Gaol. As a member of the Liberties Cultural Association, Liz is involved with the 'Meet the Shopkeepers Tour' in the Liberties which takes place during orientation week for new students who arrive in the area.

Liz is the author of six books about the Irish Revolution including, 'Women of the Irish Revolution' and 'The Hales Brothers and the Irish Revolution', 'May 25: The Burning of the Custom House 1921' and co-wrote 'We Were There: 77 Women of the Easter Rising'. Liz has worked as a researcher on numerous publications, television and radio documentaries covering the period. She has participated in and organised many conferences and lectures focusing on the Irish Revolution and is co-organiser of the annual conference on the Burning of the Custom House in 1921. In 2018 Liz was a recipient of the Lord Mayor's Award for her contribution to history.

Areas of expertise/professional experience

Since 2003 I have worked professionally in the field of Irish History. In that time I have published six books, taken part in conferences nationally and internationally. I am a regular contributor on RTE Radio and have over fifteen years experience working as a Tour Guide. I have worked as a Historical Consultant on a number of public and private projects including Richmond Barracks, the Custom House and the Hyatt Centric : The Liberties Hotel. In 2015 I was Curatorial Assistant for the RTE 1916 Interactive Map Project.

Professional associations or co-curricular leadership activities

As a member of the Liberties Cultural Association, I have been involved in various activities to help the students settle into the Liberties, including the Thanksgiving Dinner and the Rebel Liberties Dinner. 

Tell us about your volunteer activities or personal interests

As a member of the Liberties Cultural Association I regularly do free guided tours/lectures of the Liberties in aid of a local charity. I love history, especially Irish history, animation and going to Disneyland.

Recent works, productions, publications, exhibitions, etc

My most recent publications include 'The Hales Brothers and the Irish Revolution' (2016) which tells the story of two brothers who fought against each other in the Irish Civil War and 'May 25: The Burning of the Custom House 1921' Which tells the story of one of the major engagements by the Dublin Brigade of the IRA during the Irish War of Independence. I have contributed articles on the Atlas of the Irish Revolution and the Irish Times special supplement on the Irish War of Independence.

In 2020 I co-organised the first International Women's Day Festival in the Liberties and since 2010 have co-organised the annual conference on the burning of the Custom House. I have been a contributor to many television documentaries about the Irish Revolution, most recently two documentaries on Bloody Sunday 1921 broadcast on RTE.