Greetings From the Director

The city of Montreal is a unique blend of diverse cultures, various art influences, growing businesses, and educational learning environments. Nowhere else on the East Coast will you find a similar mix of North American urban setting with West-European cultural values and lifestyles.

Take a short walk southward from our downtown campus and you will find yourself in the "Quartier Latin" (Latin Quarter), heart of the Francophone cultural influence and a popular restaurant hub. Head northwest for a walk to Montreal's namesake, the beautiful Mount Royal Park, located in the heart of town for a breath of fresh air and maybe even a raccoon sighting or two. Finally, go straight west into the city's area of Montreal's prestigious McGill University, the high power business center and the huge underground shopping district for a movie or an espresso.

Whoever says "Montreal" and business in the same sentence must also mention the city's booming videogame and multimedia professional industries. More than 50% of the world's professional videogame workers are now located in Montreal, and the city has become synonymous with Interactive and Multimedia expertise, events or festivals. The Champlain Montreal campus makes the most of this environment by connecting students to the various local industries and bringing a wealth of knowledge on campus through teachers and speakers who are experts and professionals in their respective domains.

For a rich and vibrant experience, the Montreal campus staff welcomes you!

Genevieve Lord, Director Montreal Program

Genevieve Lord