Montreal Summer Programs

Champlain Students pose for an optical illusion photo in Montreal Museum

Immerse yourself in our Montreal Summer Cybersecurity Program, work on collaborative projects through the Montreal Summer Film Program, or gain greater global exposure through the Montreal Summer Culture/Core Program.

Champlain Abroad is a leader in providing a diverse range of professional development opportunities for students to take advantage of during their summer in Montreal. With Montreal being one of the world's leading multimedia cities, as well as a dynamic business and design center, you'll have plenty of opportunities to gain a unique international perspective. You can earn up to six credits over the course of four to five weeks, nurturing skills in your subject of passion within a global city.

Admission Requirements

Champlain Abroad's admission process ensures that all students selected to study at our Montreal campus are capable of performing at the same high academic standards as students at the home campus in Burlington, Vermont.

Students applying to the Champlain Abroad program must have a cumulative GPA of at least 2.75. Students on disciplinary probation or those with a serious disciplinary record will not be accepted.

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Program Cost Components

For more detailed information or questions regarding costs, please feel free to contact us at Program cost includes:

  • Tuition
  • Housing
  • Health Insurance
  • General Activities Fees
  • Personal Support
  • Academic Faculty Instruction