Through the Champlain Abroad program, students can get that unique cultural experience of studying abroad at the same cost as Burlington's tuition. The only things students need to budget for are living expenses, whether it is food, entertainment or travel.

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  • Personalized support from Champlain Abroad staff
  • Airport pickup and welcome from Champlain Abroad staff for Students in the Dublin program
  • Staff available 24/7 in case of emergencies
  • On-site Champlain College Head Resident and Resident Assistants 
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  • Small classes
  • Personal contact with faculty
  • On-Site Orientation
  • Local faculty who understand students from the United States
  • Great variety of general and major specific courses
  • Professional courses taught by industry experts
  • Curriculum that goes beyond the classroom and engages you in the place, culture and people
  • Two weekend trips (minimal supplemental cost)
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  • Safe and centrally located Academic Center
  • Academic Center has a state of the art computer lab, student lounge, kitchenette, classrooms and comfortable study spaces
  • Students have access to the U.S.-based Champlain College online library
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  • Champlain College is an accredited American institution
  • Ease of credit transfer
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Additional Costs

Students will be responsible for their transportation, meals, Irish immigration fee (if applicable), books and personal costs*.

*Please take in to account the currency exchange rate when planning your budget.

Finances and Financial Assistance

Champlain Abroad personal costs vary and are tied to the local cost of living and current exchange rates. As with any type of travel, prices are approximate. You must consider your financial status and needs carefully when selecting a Champlain Abroad program. The financial aid process can vary slightly for Champlain College and Non-Champlain College students.

Champlain Students

Once you are accepted to the Champlain Abroad program, you will qualify for an adjustment to your financial aid package that will meet your semester abroad costs. The adjustment will reflect the cost of participating in the Montréal or Dublin program and excludes work-study, which cannot be transferred to either international program. You will receive an acceptance package from Champlain's Assistant Director of Study Abroad. The package will contain several forms that need to be completed and returned, including an Estimate of Expenses for financial aid. Upon receipt of this package, please schedule a meeting with the Financial Aid Office to discuss your Champlain Abroad aid package. Deadlines for completing your Estimate of Expenses form are April 1 for the fall semester and December 1 for the spring semester.

Non-Champlain Students

Non-Champlain students accepted to the Champlain Abroad Program in Montreal or Dublin seeking student loans and federal or state grants while studying abroad with Champlain Abroad must visit the study abroad and financial aid offices at their home institution and ask to have a consortium agreement established with the Champlain College Office of Financial Aid. This allows the home institution to process federal aid and transfer it to Champlain Abroad for a semester or year abroad. Your home institution's financial aid office should contact the Champlain College Office of Financial Aid to process the request. Please allow two-four weeks for processing. Once you are accepted to the Montréal or Dublin Program, you will receive an acceptance package from our Assistant Director of Study Abroad with several forms to complete including an estimate of expenses for your home financial aid office.

Note: You are responsible for knowing and adhering to the deadlines for applying for financial aid for your home institution.

Additional Financial Support

Additional scholarship opportunities may be available through a variety of different organizations. Here are links to some great resources: