International Internships

Be a Global Professional

International internships offer an invaluable opportunity to build your professional skills and foster personal development, and a unique way to immerse yourself in a different culture.

Champlain Abroad is a leader in providing a diverse range of professional development opportunities for students during their semester abroad, including internships, conferences, company visits, and networking with industry-expert faculty.

We are committed to providing experiences that help our students grow to be the global citizens and successful professionals employers are looking for.

Internship opportunities are available for Dublin as well as through a number of other study abroad programs. These opportunities are often facilitated through the program itself, however, Champlain Abroad can advise you during the application process and ensure you are connected to the appropriate people. To find out more, contact Champlain Abroad to set up an appointment with a Study Abroad Coordinator.

Summer Internship in Shanghai, China

Champlain's Robert P. Stiller School of Business has been the recipient of a prestigious grant from the Freeman Foundation, allowing Champlain students from any major within the Stiller School of Business to participate in a fully-funded summer internship in Shanghai, China. Non-Stiller School students actively pursuing a minor in Business OR non-Stiller majors who have completed 6 business credits by the start of their semester abroad are also eligible for the program. Some students selected for this program choose to study abroad in Shanghai for the spring semester prior to beginning the Freeman internship program.


Who is eligible for an internship in Dublin?

Successful internship candidates will have a 3.0 GPA or higher and must be approved by their Program Director and ultimately approved by Champlain Abroad to pursue an internship for credit. You must enroll in the Study Abroad Internship course SAP 293 (3-credit) or SAP 390 (6-credit). Please note that internship placements are not guaranteed. Champlain will support you in your efforts to prepare, but ultimately, placement will be at the discretion of the company. All internships in Dublin during the semester are unpaid.

How do I apply for an internship in Dublin?


Set up a mandatory meeting with our International Internship Peer Coach from Career Collaborative to develop a professional resume and LinkedIn profile and practice your interviewing skills. Your career coach must approve both your resume and LinkedIn profile prior to the application deadline. Use this link to schedule a meeting with the career coach who supports your major:


Apply to your desired semester in Dublin:


Notify Champlain Abroad ( that you are interested in an internship prior to the application deadline.


Select the Study Abroad Internship Course on the Course Selection Questionnaire. This course may fulfill an internship requirement for your major. Please contact Champlain Abroad if you have questions about course selection (


Once approved to study abroad, you will receive official notification from Champlain Abroad that you are approved to apply for an internship. Dublin internships do not require a special working visa.