Other Study Abroad Options

Study abroad offers a unique opportunity for you to immerse yourself in the adventure and excitement of living in a new culture and exploring a new country. It is a life-changing event, and college is the perfect time to experience it. Living and learning in another country allows you to see yourself and your country from another worldview and expand your global perspective. Through the Office of International Education, Champlain students have a multitude of study abroad options.

These options provide you a wide range of countries, types of programs and academic content to choose from and tailor your study abroad experience to your personal and  professional goals. In addition to our own Champlain Abroad program, students have the following choices available to them:

  • Third-Party Study Abroad: Champlain's Office of International Education will help you through the steps to study in the location you want.

  • International Internships: Some of the approved study-abroad programs offer internship opportunities. If you wish to arrange a "stand alone" international internship (without taking courses at that institution), please contact your Dean about this process. 

  • Exchange Program:  Champlain has a partnership with five international schools. While Burlington students immerse themselves in either New Zealand, Scotland, France, the Netherlands or Morocco, we will welcome students from our exchange partners for a semester or full academic year.

  • Faculty-Led Courses: Champlain also offers faculty-led courses. These courses change year to year, and faculty member will promote these particular offerings on campus. Many entail a semester course that spends a break or a couple weeks in the summer abroad. For more information, contact the Office of International Education.