Juliana Dixon
Affiliated with School of Social Innovation, Environmental Policy

Juliana Dixon is a Stormwater Mitigation Consultant, adjunct faculty at Champlain College, and professional dancer. Passionate about advocating for systemic change for a sustainable future, Dixon has engaged through food systems, water quality, and environmental education.

Sustainable Food Systems: Dixon had an unforgettable experience working for the Incredible Farm in Todmorden, England; spent a season as the farm manager for Spoutwood's Organic Farm; participated in Transition Town Freiburg's agriculture branch; and had the honor of being invited to study agroecology in Cuba.

Sustainable Water Resources: Dixon first began working with watershed stewardship as the Outreach Coordinator for the Jacoby Creek Land Trust. She then participated in the Klamath River conflict in Northern California, and has been working to lessen the introduction of excess phosphorus to Lake Champlain since 2015.

Environmental Education: Believing that effective stewardship is rooted in apperception of the natural world, Dixon became interested in the Waldkindergarten (forest kindergarten) model popular in Denmark and Germany. She came back to the states and spent a year studying learning environments in which environmental immersion played varying roles. Dixon went on to support the development of a nature immersion school for students in grades K–8.

Now the owner of Salix Solutions, Dixon is enjoying empowering citizens to make the changes they want to see in their watersheds—and dancing as much as possible.

  • Jericho Trails Committee
  • Mercy Connections

Swing dancing, reading, volleyball, kayaking, hiking


Gardening is a political act—one that votes for health, community, and environment.