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Finance & Accounting Double Major (BS)

Our five-year double major in Finance & Accounting prepares you exceptionally well in both disciplines. You'll earn the 150 credit hours needed for Certified Public Accountant (CPA) licensure, and you'll be well prepared to ace the CPA exams.

Finance & Accounting Double Major Curriculum

First Year

First Semester

Financial Accounting
(ACC 130)

Business & the Entrepreneurial Mindset
(BUS 110)

The Quantitative Language of Business
(BUS 115)

Concepts of the Self
(COR 110)

Rhetoric of Self
(COR 115)

Second Semester

Managerial Accounting
(ACC 140)

Marketing & the Organizational Mindset
(BUS 120)

(MTH 180)

Concepts of Community
(COR 120)

Rhetoric of Community
(COR 125)

Second Year

First Semester

Intermediate Accounting I
(ACC 230)

Financial Management I
(FIN 240)

Managerial Economics
(ECN 255)

Choose 200-level COR course

Choose 200-level COR course

Second Semester

Intermediate Accounting II
(ACC 231)

Corporate Social Responsibility
(BUS 210)

Financial and Economic Modeling
(ECN 350)

Choose 200-level COR course

Choose 200-level COR course

Third Year

First Semester

Federal Taxes I
(ACC 310)

Cost Accounting I
(ACC 340)

Business Law I
(BLW 140)

Global Studies I: Technology & Development
(COR 310)

Global Studies II: Human Rights
(COR 320)

Second Semester (Recommended Study-Abroad Semester)

Cost Accounting II
(ACC 341)

International Business & Macroeconomics
(BUS 310)

Natural Science with Lab

International Cultural Studies
(COR 330)

International Cultural Studies
(COR 330)

Fourth Year

First Semester

Federal Taxes II
(ACC 410)

Financial Management II
(FIN 340)

Information Systems Management
(MGT 265)

Production and Operations Management
(MGT 320)

General Elective

Second Semester

(FIN 300)

Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA)
(ACC 370)

Accounting Internship
(ACC 390)

Applied Regression Analysis
(FIN 310)

International Finance and Trade
(INT 320)

General Elective

Fifth Year

First Semester

Accounting Information Systems
(ACC 350)

Advanced Accounting
(ACC 400)

Advanced Investment Topics
(FIN 410)

Finance Elective

General Elective

Second Semester

(CCC 410)

(ACC 420)

Finance Elective

General Elective

Year 3

Year 3 Fall Semester Courses

Year 3 Spring Semester Courses

Year 4

Year 4 Fall Semester Courses

Year 4 Spring Semester Courses

Year 5

Year 5 Fall Semester Courses

Year 5 Spring Semester Courses

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