Game Production Management Learning Outcomes

The faculty of the Robert P. Stiller School of Business at Champlain College spend a lot of time working with employers and internship sites to determine the exact skills, knowledge, and characteristics they are seeking in job candidates. The Game Production Management program gives you the skills employers value most highly.

After fulfilling the requirements of the major, Game Production Management graduates will have the following skills and abilities:

  • The Problem Solver: Apply business theories and concepts to practical problems.
  • The Team Player: Use team skills such as leadership, followership, and human relations to promote organizational effectiveness and contribute meaningfully to team projects.
  • The Lifelong Learner: Diagnose learning needs and formulate goals and strategies to seek knowledge from multiple sources.
  • The Producer: Manage creative teams and project processes effectively and efficiently.
  • The Communicator: Use written, oral, and nonverbal messages to convey ideas, information, and intentions effectively in the business environment.