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Doing business in a global economy requires more than traveling around the world. It means learning about the cultural, political and technological forces that shape the business world.

The Bachelor of Science program in International Business from Champlain's Robert P. Stiller School of Business emphasizes sound business fundamentals within the rapidly changing contexts of globalization. Through a comprehensive approach to project-based learning led by expert faculty, you will develop a framework to increase your cultural literacy—and have the opportunity to study abroad for at least one semester or more—to enhance your perspective of the world. The International Business program also offers you flexible elective credits, so you can customize your degree, add a minor, and create highly specialized skills that set you apart as a job candidate.

According to Ashridge's Developing the Global Leader of Tomorrow, a report of their global survey of CEOs and senior executives determined: "The global leader of tomorrow needs to understand the changing business context—82% of those polled say senior executives need to understand the business risks and opportunities of social, political, cultural and environmental trends." Champlain's International Business program provides you with the changing contexts of globalization and the tools to analyze and evaluate opportunities and risks in the international marketplace.

Multi-Faceted Education

Our Upside-Down Curriculum gets you started in your International Business courses in your first year, and culminates with a semester-long live client research project in your College Capstone. In a true teamwork setting, you will collaborate on practical hands-on projects, as you help both for profit and nonprofit organizations of all sizes. You will learn to identify international target-market opportunities and challenges, develop import-export strategies, and build short- and long-term business plans for international growth. You'll also develop analytical frameworks to examine the socioeconomic and cultural forces and issues that affect any international endeavor.

Integrated Business Experience

In our forward-thinking Integrated Business Experience (IBE), all incoming Robert P. Stiller School of Business students are immersed in a working business simulation to develop an understanding of the inter-relationships of all business disciplines. This cross-business education answers the marketplace demand for graduates with demonstrable knowledge, skills and hands-on experience in all realms of business. Learn more about our Integrated Business Experience. Learn more about the Integrated Business Experience.

Study Abroad/International Internships

There's no better way to grasp diverse culture and develop a global perspective than spending a semester studying abroad. That's why we've worked with your curriculum as an international business major to support up to a year of international study, while still allowing you to graduate in four years. You can combine an internship with a semester studying abroad at one of our international campuses in Montreal, Canada, or in Dublin, Ireland. You can also study virtually anywhere in the world through one of our third-party programs. Explore our study abroad options.


As an International Business student, you will also pursue one of our many minors, adding breadth and depth to your education and an extra element to impress employers. Many students choose to minor in Global Studies, Data Science, Environmental Studies & Policy, Finance, or Foreign Languages to complement their international study experience. Take a look at all the minors we have to offer.

Freeman Foundation Grant

Over the past six years, the Stiller School of Business has received a prestigious grant from the Freeman Foundation, allowing more than 100 students to travel to Shanghai, China, and other countries in Asia to complete a summer internship. This opportunity provided our students with the chance to gain both international and professional work experience, as well as valuable cultural and language skills—with little out of pocket expense. Learn more about the Freeman Foundation Grant.

Vibrant International Business Scene

Burlington, Vermont, has a vibrant international business scene full of innovative companies, including, Seventh Generation, Ben & Jerry's and Burton Snowboards, which trade internationally. Many Vermont companies trade with businesses in Canada, China, Taiwan and Japan, and more foreign companies are investing in the state. Through Stiller School's hands-on educational approach, we will connect you with trade diplomats, ambassadors and executives through our alliances with federal, state and local business and trade organizations. Plus, Burlington is the biggest city in this small state, which means you'll have more opportunities for connections with growing organizations through your class projects.

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