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Champlain Esports is the home of all esports at Champlain College. Whether you are a casual player, or on your way to becoming a pro, our variety of teams and games coupled with the brand new Esports Arena are the perfect setting to hone your skills, win competitions, and have fun while doing it.

Following the growth and success of the Champlain College Esports club, Champlain Esports has elevated its efforts to promote student interests and take competitive gaming to the next level! We are evolving Champlain Esports from one of the largest clubs on campus to a fully fledged, comprehensive program that offers experiential learning opportunities for all interested students, regardless of individual skill level.

We are excited and proud to be one of the first higher ed institutions in Vermont to offer competitive gaming at a Varsity level, and to be the first to build a facility fully dedicated to our student’s pursuit of esports excellence.

Interested in competing or getting involved?

Contact Esports Director Christian Konczal


Compete, coach, or manage esports teams at club level or competitive collegiate events.


Assist in the production of Champlain Esports events through event planning, social media promotion, broadcasting, and more.


Support our teams! Attend events in person or virtually through Twitch streams and show your love for the players and organization.

More than Playing Games

  • Student broadcaster commentating an esports match
    Opportunities Beyond Competing

    At Champlain, Esports is so much more than playing games! Behind the fun is the opportunity to build skills that position you for career success. We offer opportunities across majors to support this student-led program, including

    • Team Leadership
    • Event Coordination
    • Facility Management
    • Broadcast Production
    • Video Production
    • Marketing and Brand Development
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    Student Benefits

    Committing to a program like Champlain Esports takes time and effort, and we want to support all students involved in the program. That’s why our program has a number of opportunities and perks for participants. All Champlain students participating on teams or as staff will have access to:

    • Athletic scholarships
    • Lakeside Esports facility
    • CCE broadcasting suite
    • Work study and internship positions
    • Intramural and recreational events

Champlain Esports FAQ

  • Esports is competitive gaming, or electronic sports. Much like traditional sports, esports consists of teams built of players, coaches, analysts, ownership groups, management teams, and more.

    Similarly to traditional sports, esports are represented across different skill levels from local and regional competitions, to collegiate varsity leagues and professional global organizations.

  • Champlain Esports is a student run organization that supports competitive esports teams at the collegiate level. Teams, tournaments, and events are open and inclusive to the entire Champlain community. Our goals include:

    • Find success and fulfillment for our players to help them reach their goals
    • Make Champlain College a competitor in the growing world of collegiate esports
    • Foster a community of students of any major or year to rally behind their peers
  • There are three ways to get yourself involved with Champlain Esports — as Staff, Players, and Community.

    • Staff is the management and corporate function (social media, event planning, broadcast, etc).
    • Players are on the teams directly, either as managers or as a player through tryouts.
    • Community is where you can come and enjoy the community events and tournaments that we do in person, or join in team watch parties live on Twitch.
  • Champlain Esports offers a variety of social and professional opportunities. Students involved with the program will be able to gain valuable experience and qualify for scholarships and work study/internship programs, as well as ingrain themselves into the Champlain community.

  • Absolutely not! There are several ways for students to get involved with Champlain Esports without playing for one of our competitive teams. Champlain Esports has student positions in a variety of areas including event planning, broadcast, social media, graphic design, and project management. Additionally, students can choose to participate solely in casual community events.

  • All you need is a manager, interested players, and a competitive league to play in. If you can meet all of those criteria, then you will work with the Competitive Coordinator to create a new team. More details can be found here.

digital rendering of a winged character model for a game

The Game Studio Experience

Many of our Esports team members also take part in the Game Studio Experience. The Studio Experience at Champlain College brings together six collaborative majors in a real-world setting that mirrors how the professional game industry actually works. Our industry-expert faculty will guide you through the rigorous courses that will hone your skills as you work on a team with other game students and construct fully functional games that you can download, play, and share. By graduation, you’ll be prepared to succeed in a rewarding career in game development.

The Studio Experience
It’s made me much more invested in my future. Genuinely, if it was not for esports, I don’t know where I would be in terms of determination about my future. I like Champlain Esports because they recognized potential and interest and were willing to take a risk on someone with zero relevant experience.
Damien Royer, Apex Manager, Game Production Management, ’23

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