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Campus Public Safety

Campus Public Safety (CPS) is located in Durick Hall at 174 South Willard Street and can be reached at (802) 865-6465.

An important part of providing a world-class education is fostering an environment that is conducive to learning, and safety is key to that. Our goal is to ensure the Champlain campus is a safe and thriving community in which to live, work, and study.

What to Know About CPS

  • The department consists of nine full-time members who share the primary objective of providing a safe and secure environment through constant patrols, emergency response, investigations, and neighborhood networking.
  • Officers are on duty 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. They are trained public safety professionals who provide coverage for the Champlain campus area.
  • All personnel are trained in First Aid, CPR, and are equipped with life-saving AED devices and digitally secure two-way radios. 
  • The department has a close working relationship with the Burlington and University of Vermont police departments and is in contact with various law enforcement agencies relating to issues affecting the campus and the local Burlington community.
  • CPS provides a "Safety First" and a "How to Respond to an Active Shooter" presentation to all first-year and transfer students during New Student Orientation.
  • CPS has a Campus Emergency Resources Guide outlining helpful hints for various types of emergencies.

What to Know About Campus Emergencies and Closures 

In the event there is a school closing due to weather, announcements will be made via the following:

Champlain College takes emergency planning and preparedness seriously. We are committed to a goal of minimizing the educational and social disruption for our students, faculty, and staff. A committee representing all aspects of Champlain College continuously works together to ensure the College is prepared for a range of emergencies.

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We encourage you to log in to the Rave Mobile Safety site to confirm your contact information and choose your notification preferences. (Note that your cellular phone provider may charge a per-text message fee for the delivery of emergency notifications to your phone).

Your Username is the same username you use to access Champlain College email.
Your Password is the same password you use to access Champlain College email.

You may sign in using your current Champlain College email address. You will then be prompted to complete the registration process. Once logged in, you can manage your account (for example, you can opt-out of receiving text and/or voice alerts).

If you have any concerns regarding this service, please contact us at ravehelpdesk@champlain.edu.

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We are dedicated to working collaboratively with our partners to foster and maintain a safe, respectful, and resilient environment in which to live, learn, and work.


Respect: We will treat all people with dignity and courtesy while promoting equity and fairness.

Integrity: We will embody the highest ethical standards as well as promote the moral principles needed to build trust with those we serve.

Service: We will utilize a calm, courteous, and reassuring approach when serving the Champlain College community and our neighbors.

Innovation: We will approach every challenge as an opportunity to create positive change.

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Champlain College takes precautionary measures to ensure that your classes can continue in a "virtual environment" even during an extended emergency such as severe weather, contagious disease, physical infrastructure failure, campus closure, or similar incident. Your classes will continue, either online through Canvas, a College-provided learning management system, or through another process.

In the event of such an emergency, students are expected to continue instructor-designated class activities, as directed by the instructor. Due to the nature of the "virtual environment," learning activities may differ slightly from those in the on-campus version of your courses. In order for this emergency preparedness plan to be effective, you are asked to take the following steps.

What You Can Do to Prepare Now

  • Ensure that you will have a computer and broadband Internet access at the location (home or other) in which you will reside during an extended campus closure.
  • Prepare yourself with the basic skills of logging into Canvas, finding your courses and entering them.

What You Should Do When a Campus Closure Has Been Declared

  • Test your broadband Internet access upon arriving at your chosen residence during the campus closure.
  • Log into Canvas and enter your courses.
  • Check for emergency information on Champlain College's main website (www.champlain.edu), which will indicate the semester, week, and day when Champlain classes will resume virtually.
  • Enter each of your classes and go to the appropriate week of the class where you will receive directions from your instructor.
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Champlain College residential students are required to provide and submit the following information during their New Student Onboarding process:

  1. Student name and college I.D. number
  2. Addresses of two relocation sites, preferably in different cities
  3. Parent/guardian mailing address - all plans will be sent to this address
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See the College Catalog for Detailed Information on Conduct Policies:

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