Situational awareness:

  • Know the location(s) of the nearest fire alarm pull box.
  • Know where the closest exit(s) are from your work space.
  • How many doors or work spaces are between you and the exit? This will help if evacuating with limited visibility (smoke or with no power).
  • College policy mandates building evacuation whenever the building’s fire alarm sounds.

Immediate actions upon seeing fire or smoke in the building:

  • Remain calm.
  • Announce “Fire” or “Smoke” and if able activate the nearest fire alarm pull box.
  • Exit the building using the stairs; NEVER use the elevator during a fire.
  • If conditions allow (without putting yourself at risk) provide assistance to others in need.
  • Notify first responders or Public Safety of any individuals with special needs or injuries that are known to still be in the building.
  • Safely gather together and start accounting for everyone’s whereabouts.
  • Do not re-enter an evacuated building until given the “all clear” by Public Safety personnel.

If trapped in a building during a fire:

  • Remain calm.
  • Call (802)865-6465 or campus phone ext. 6465 for Campus Public Safety and provide your name, location and the condition preventing you from exiting the building.
  • If possible stay on the phone to provide updates to emergency responders.
  • Open, NEVER BREAK, a window and hang a piece of clothing outside to mark your location for rescue workers.
  • Stay at window breathing the fresh air as it enters.
  • If smoke enters the window, close the window and stay close to the floor.
  • Air closer to the floor should be less contaminated with smoke.
  • Periodically call-out loudly for help so rescue workers can locate you.
  • Avoid flammable liquids and gasses that may be in your room.
  • Close door and seal cracks to prevent smoke from entering.

Procedures to follow if a person’s clothing catches fire:

  • If a person’s clothing is on fire, Remember! STOP DROP and ROLL. Clothing fires must be extinguished immediately in order to minimize skin burns.
  • Do not RUN. If necessary, take the person to the floor and roll them over to smother the flames.
  • If available, place the person under a shower, utilize a hose, use a fire extinguisher, or try to smother flames with a blanket or other clothing.
  • If possible, place clean, wet loose cloth on burned areas and if need be, wrap the person warmly to help prevent shock, and request medical assistance by immediately calling 911 and Campus Public Safety 865-6465 or campus ext. 6465.

Persons with Disabilities:

  • It is suggested that individuals who use wheelchairs or who have a mobility-related disability prepare for an emergency ahead of time by instructing co-workers or fellow students on the best ways to assist them during an emergency.
  • During an emergency evacuation due to fire, building elevators should not be used.
  • If persons with mobility-related disabilities cannot be transported from the building without using an elevator, assist the individuals to the nearest fire stairway landing on each floor of the building. As soon as possible notify Campus Public Safety personnel or other emergency responders of the individual in needs location.

Using a Fire Extinguisher:

Portable fire extinguishers are located throughout the buildings. To report a discharged or damaged fire extinguisher, contact Campus Public Safety at (802)865- 6465 or campus ext. 6465.