Immediate Actions

  • Remain calm.
  • During business hours call Physical Plant at (802) 860-2705, after hours please call Campus Public Safety at (802) 865-6465 or campus ext. 6465.
  • Never attempt to reset a tripped circuit breaker in an electrical panel.
  • Provide assistance to other individuals in your immediate area as needed.
  • If able, turn off computers, unplug electronic equipment (to avoid power surge), and lock windows and doors as you leave.
  • DO NOT use candles or other open flames for lighting.

If trapped in an elevator

  • Remain calm and use the elevator’s emergency phone to notify Campus Public Safety.
  • Campus Public Safety Officers will respond and if needed will summon BFD.

Persons with disabilities

  • It is suggested that individuals who use wheelchairs or who have a mobility related disability prepare for an emergency ahead of time by instructing coworkers or fellow students on how to assist in an emergency.
  • During an emergency evacuation due to a power outage, building elevators should not be used. Contact Campus Public Safety for assistance evacuating during a power outage.