In the unlikely event that an Active Shooter Incident should occur on campus, the College will utilize the RAVE notification system (as soon as practicable) to alert and update our community. If an event occurs, you should be prepared to apply the best course of action RUN, HIDE, FIGHT to mitigate the threat.

Immediate Actions:

  • RUN. Create as much distance as possible between you and the shooter as possible.
  • If you are evacuating a premises; leave belongings behind.
  • Help others escape if possible, but do not wait if they are hesitant.
  • Prevent others from entering the danger area and contact 911 when able to safely do so.

If relocating to a safer place is not possible:

  • Find a place where the active shooter is less likely to find you and where you won’t trap or limit your movement.
  • Lock and barricade the doors.
  • Take steps to cover and conceal yourself, i.e. behind concrete walls, thick desks, or filing cabinets.
  • Turn off lights, close blinds, and block windows.
  • Silence cell phones, turn off radios and computers.
  • Remain calm, quiet, and out of sight.

If confronted by the shooter

  • FIGHT. Be prepared to fight! Your life depends on it.
  • Attempt to incapacitate and distract the shooter using whatever is available: chairs, waste baskets, umbrellas, paper weights, etc. to use against the active shooter.

When the Police Respond

  • Remain calm and follow the officers’ instructions.
  • The officers’ objective is to engage and neutralize the shooter(s) immediately.
  • Keep your hands raised and spread your fingers.
  • Avoid pointing, screaming and yelling.
  • When the shooter is neutralized, responders will provide medical care for any injured

What to Report

  • Report your specific location – building name and room number.
  • Number of persons at your specific location and number and type of any injuries.
  • Assailant(s) last known location, assailants, race/gender, physical description, clothing description, type and number of weapons, shooter’s identity, if known.