Identify the Source

If you know the source of the water and are confident of Your abilities to stop it (i.e. unclog a drain, turn off the Water source, etc.), do so cautiously.

Protect from Water Damage

Cover large objects with plastic sheeting. Carefully remove small or light objects out of the emergency area.

Provide Assistance

Provide assistance to any injured or persons with mobility related disabilities. Notify Campus Public Safety at (802)865-6465 or campus ext. 6465 and request assistance.

Contact Authorities

Call Campus Public Safety at (802)865-6465 or campus ext. 6465

What to Report

Your namephone number, and the location and severity of the leak or flood.

Report any persons with disabilities who are in the area and may need to be relocated.

Use Caution

  • If there are electrical appliances or electrical outlets near the leak, use extreme caution.
  • DO NOT stand in flood water, as it can carry an electrical current.
  • If there is any possible danger, evacuate the area.
  • Avoid walking through flooded areas. As few as six inches of moving water can knock a person down.