Assistance Animal Application Process

The procedures for requesting an Assistance Animal in campus housing are outlined below:

  1. A person requesting permission to keep an Assistance Animal in campus housing must make a request. To do so, the person should submit the appropriate "Assistance Animal Request Form"as well as documentation of their disability or condition to the Office of Accessibility.
    The following deadlines for requesting to keep an Assistance Animal in campus housing apply:
    • Incoming Students: July 1st
    • Returning Students: By Housing Deposit Deadline March 15th
  2. Documentation of the need for an Assistance Animal should follow Office of Accessibility guidelines for documentation of disability or condition, and should generally include the following information: a. Verification of the individual's disability or condition from a physician, psychiatrist, social worker, or other mental health professional, b. Statement on how the animal serves as an accommodation for the verified disability, and c. Statement on how the need for the animal relates to the ability of the resident/student to use and enjoy the living arrangements provided by the College. The documentation must be for a specific animal. If a student chooses to request to keep a different Assistance Animal in campus housing they must submit new documentation for that animal.
  3. The Office of Accessibility will review documentation and, if the documentation meets the criteria for approval, the Office of Accessibility shall arrange a meeting with the person making the request. During the meeting this policy will be carefully reviewed with the person at that time and a contract will be signed indicating that they understand and agree to the conditions of this policy.
  4. Students whose request for an Assistance Animal through this process is not granted will have the opportunity to appeal such decisions. All appeals are reviewed by the Assistant Vice President of Student Life. Students will receive information about the appeals process upon notification of decision of request for disability housing accommodations.
  5. Upon approval of an Assistance Animal, Residential Life staff and Campus Public Safety staff will be notified as appropriate.
  6. Upon approval of an Assistance Animal, the student's roommate(s) or suitemate(s) will be notified (if applicable) to solicit their acknowledgement of the approval, and notify them that the approved animal will be residing in shared assigned living space.