Indoor Bicycle Storage

Champlain College has indoor bicycle storage rooms that can be used by ALL residential students (and employees) regardless of which hall they live in. Respect your bike by using our safe, secure storage rooms! Bring your own lock and park your bike for as long as you want. They are located in:

  • Juniper Hall
  • Butler Hall
  • Cushing Hall
  • 194 Saint Paul Street

Simply email to request key card access.

Details of Each Room

  • Juniper Hall storage room has 34 wall hooks and is accessed on the northern side of the building at the lower level. Access to the room is through the ChampShop—Juniper Halls bicycle mechanic workshop.
  • Butler Hall storage room has 20 wall hooks and is accessed from the southern stairwell basement access.
  • Cushing Hall storage room has a mixture of 11 wall hooks and a floor rack. It is accessed at ground level (no stairs and has a disabled push button!) on the South Willard Street side of the building (the old Mail Center). Conveniently situated for commuter students and serving a lot of first year residence halls such as Pearl, Bader, Hill, Lyman, Rowell, Bankus and Jensen.
  • 194 Saint Paul Street has two storage rooms. Room One has 30 wall hooks and is accessed on the ground floor from the main entry arcade. The Room 2 has 45 wall hooks and is on the first floor, accessed off the eastern Browns Court entrance (near the trash enclosure). Both rooms have a heavy duty pump and Fixit stand, with tools.

Conditions of Use

  • Bicycles only. No snowboards or other items please
  • Hang your bicycle. Bicycles improperly hung or impeding access will be removed at owner's expense. Think fire safety!
  • Use a lock. Champlain not responsible for lost/stolen items.
  • Respect other peoples equipment.

**If all hangers are in use, use outside racks.