Driver Authorization

All employees or students that drive ANY vehicle for college business is required to complete the authorization process. This includes (but is not limited to) using a private vehicle, rental vehicle, college van or a fleet vehicle to conduct any kind of college business. To obtain driver authorization the driver will need to:

  • Have a valid, clean drivers license (we run a license check),
  • Pass the mandatory “Drivers Safety” Course

Student drivers need to have had zero points on their license for the last two years and be at least 20 years old. Student drivers may not drive College vehicles outside of Chittenden County without prior approval. Employees (does not include work study) may have up to, but not more than, three points on their license. Other restrictions will be handled on a case by case basis. This is intended to be a summary only. For the full policy, please refer to the Champlain College Transportation Policy.

The steps to gain Driver Authorization are:

  1. Email to request access to the Online Driver Safety Course and to receive a copy of the Champlain College Transportation Policy.
  2. Complete the Online Driver Safety Course offered by United Educators.
    • Once added to the database, go to the United Educators website to complete the course.
    • Employees will already have an account from your Workplace Harassment training, required annually. This is a different login to your global Champlain login.
    • Find the Driver Safety course and proceed at your own pace.
    • When you have completed the course, print out the proof of completion or save it to PDF.
  3. Submit the following three documents to the Transportation Office via campus mail or email PDFs to
    • Driver History form
    • Fleet Safety Acknowledgement form
    • Driver Safety Course Completion certificate
  4. We will complete a license check and will send official confirmation via email.


Van Certification

Champlain College has three, 8-passenger vans that can be used by any employee or student who has received “Driver Authorization” and “Van Certification” by successfully passing the on-road driving test. The program is managed by the Transportation Office.

Once you have received official verification from the Transportation office that our insurance company has found your license check acceptable and you are officially an “Authorized Driver,” you can request an on-road drivers test in one of the vans. The test includes city and highway driving as well as mandatory reversing with side mirrors only. Please DO NOT schedule a driving test until you receive the official confirmation from the Transportation Office that you have “Driver Authorization.”

After successfully completing the on-road drivers test, you will be considered “Van Certified” and able to drive a college van.


After Van Certification

After completing all of the van certification requirements, you will be allowed to use a van.

During a normal semester, to use a van you will need to:

  • Book it at (only those that are van certified will be able to book a van),
  • At your booked time, pick up the keys from The Hub Desk in IDX Student Life Center,
  • The vans are parked in the parking lot behind Rowell Hall,
  • Make sure you note the starting mileage on the form (given when picking up the keys) before driving,
  • Refill the gas in the van using the van card if the tank is less than 3/4 full. Everyone who is certified will have their own unique pin number for the gas card,
  • If there are any issues while driving, follow the steps as noted in the Champlain College Transportation Policy.