Electric Vehicles

Champlain College fully embraces the shift to electric vehicles (EV). This revolution comes in the form of electric cars, electric bikes, electric scooters, and someday electric shuttles. We must balance our support of electric vehicles with our commitment to reducing the drive-alone rate.

First and foremost, we seek to encourage Champlain employees and students to use alternative transportation to get to campus.

Electric Car Charging

Public Level 2 Charging Stations

We currently have two electric vehicle charging stations (which have two plugs each) at Champlain College. They are located at:

    • The Miller Center parking lot at 175 Lakeside Avenue
    • Miller Information Commons (the library) at 95 Summit Street (also called Cedar Lane), in the parking lot beside Foster Hall

Both stations were installed in partnership with the Burlington Electric Department and are open to the public 24/7. They are operated by Chargepoint and users must have a Chargepoint account to use them. Users pay a per-kilowatt-hour rate. After 4 hours there is an additional $1 per hour rate. Payment for the space is not required.

Level 1 Charging Outlets for Commuters

Any regular 110V outlet that is adjacent to a normal parking space is permitted to be used for free electric vehicle "trickle charging". For now, only those Champlain affiliates that have the correct parking permit for that zone are allowed to use the spaces and chargers. These are not open to the general public. At present, the locations of available 110V outlets are:

    • Rowell Annex: three spaces alongside the building have access to wall-mounted outlets.
    • Rowell Annex: The black pole beside the entrance to the building.
    • Boardman Hall: one space in the back right corner of the garage has access to one wall-mounted outlet.

More locations will be added over time. As light poles are replaced in certain lots, outlets will be added to allow for charging. It is Champlain Transportation's vision to make EVERY lot an EV-capable lot.

CarshareVT Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicle

The CarshareVT car that lives beside West Hall is now a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (with up to 25 miles per charge before the gas kicks in). We are excited to host this vehicle in the lot for our students and employees who are members of CarshareVT to us. Join today at carsharevt.org!

Purchasing an Electric Car in Burlington

Looking to purchase an EV? There are many resources out there to help you navigate the types of vehicles, ranges, and rebates available, such as:

Electric Bicycles, Scooters, Skateboards, and More

There is a micro-mobility revolution happening right now where "little vehicles" are becoming electrified and a viable tool for commuting to work or class.

Electric Bicycles

These are bicycles with a small motor built in that provides a small amount of assistance to the rider. They are just like regular pedal bikes, but offer a small boost to help conquer that hill, shorten your commute, and help you get to work with a little less effort. E-bikes should be ridden on the roads, not sidewalks. They can be purchased at any local bike shop. Burlington Electric Department and other utilities are currently offering rebates and other incentives to people who buy an e-bike. The Greenride Bikeshare fleet is an all-electric fleet of 200 bikes with stations located all over Burlington, South Burlington and Winooski. Campus memberships are $39 per year with 30 mins per day of free ride time.

Electric Scooters

Think childhood Razor scooter, but improved and electrified! These small electric vehicles also help you navigate the hills of Burlington without overworking, and can be easily taken on public transportation or put in the back of a car. Burlington may possibly create a citywide scooter-share system where members can use any electric scooter in the network.

Electric Skateboards and Other Electric Transportation

Electric skateboards are gaining in popularity just like other electrified transportation for their ease of use and portability. You may even see your professor cruising to work on one to beat the traffic and save time. Other amazing electric little vehicles gaining traction are the One Wheel, Trikes, Monowheels, E-Skates and more**. The future will be electrified!

**(Please keep in mind that Champlain College currently has a restriction on hoverboards.