Visitor Parking

Guests of the College are strongly encouraged to park in off-site areas if possible. Visitors should obtain a temporary guest permit prior to visiting. This can be obtained by the Champlain employee hosting the guest using or by emailing three days prior to the visit.

Employees: obtain a visitor permit for a guest by visiting, logging in to your parking account (or making one) and selecting the date for which the temporary permit is needed. This process takes three minutes or less and at the end you either print the temporary permit to give to your guest, or 'print' to PDF and email to them. For a step by step guide, see the detailed instructions.

Visitors may park in any lot that their temporary parking permit allows. If the parking permit is not specific to a lot, visitors may park in any unrestricted lot or on any street. Keep in mind that there are some lots that are restricted for certain uses only. Pay attention to signs at each lot or space. Click the links to access a PDF of the official Campus Parking Map and Accessibility Map.

A Champlain Transportation Google Map is available that shows all parking locations as well as an accessibility layer that shows the exact location of all disabled parking spaces and access routes on campus. There is also an official printable accessibility map.

Perry Hall/West Hall lot is for visitors to the Admissions Office ONLY. Visitors to Admissions shall display the Admissions office temporary visitor permit which can be obtained at the front desk inside Perry Hall. No other visitors, employees or students shall park in Perry Hall/West Hall Lot.

Students and employees who wish to obtain permits for themselves due to extenuating circumstances should still email at least three days before the temporary permit is needed. If there is an emergency or special circumstance on the day, please call Parking at 865-5496 or Public Safety at 865-6465 with a vehicle description and location, so that the vehicle will not be ticketed.