Carpooling and Ridesharing is a great way to reduce the need for having or bringing your own vehicle to campus. Carpooling and Ridesharing have distinct differences and are increasingly being supported by technology in the form of databases, apps and membership. There are many forms of rideshare and companies that you have likely heard of, like taxis services such as Green Cab and other for hire services such as Wheeli, Uber and Lyft just to name a few.

The following services are a list of those that Champlain knows operate in Burlington, is happy to provide information on, but in some cases these should not be considered official endorsements unless mentioned. It is up to the user to investigate and understand the different services and make the decision based on your needs, concerns or comfort.


Carpooling and Employee Commuter Benefits:

All employees who obtain a permit to park at the Miller Center at Lakeside campus are eligible to enroll in CATMA's Guaranteed Ride Home Program. This program provides employees with a FREE taxi ride to their vehicle at Lakeside or home in the event of an emergency and/or our shuttle isn't available. For eligible emergency uses and information on commuter programs and incentives, visit catmavt.org, email info@catmavt.org or call 802-656-RIDE.

Carpooling for Students:

This carpool matching service, coordinated by Go! Vermont makes it easy to find the right commute for you. The Zimride matching service helps take the "what if" out of carpooling by letting you see other riders' profiles and setting the financial arrangements up front.

Green Cab

Champlain College Transportation contracts with Green Cab to provide our Guaranteed Ride Home program through CATMA. This convenient program gives employees and students a FREE taxi ride home (conditions apply - must be for an emergency ride home or to your vehicle when our shuttles are not running) that you can use up to eight times a year, and we'll cover $60 per ride. All Green Cab vehicles have on board "Champlain College Cash Card" readers which allow you to use your Champlain Cash to pay for a taxi ride. Another way we can improve the convenience for the users.


Wheeli is a carpooling app ONLY for college students. Wheeli connects students with cars and student passengers looking for rides. Students split driving costs automatically and easily through the app. It's a great way to make new friends and reduce your carbon footprint by filling empty car seats. What is Wheeli?

  • WHO: A safe network only for college students.
  • WHAT: An app for students to post and find rides, making carpooling easy.
  • WHERE: Drivers post rides and riders may request rides to get to and from campus, head to the mountains, or travel home for breaks. 
  • WHEN: Whenever! Search for a ride, connect with students and travel together. It's that simple. 
  • WHY: Wheeli is the safe, cheap, and fun ride for college students.

Click here to sign up or get started by downloading the Wheeli app on your smartphone today. 

BlackMarket U


BlackMarket-U is an online community where college students can connect with one another to save money, save time, or to save the hassle! Students have the opportunity to post or search classified ads at their school in a convenient format that mimics that of other social media websites.

Trying to go home for the weekend but don't want to spend hours trying to occupy yourself on the bus? or do you have a car but don't want to foot the whole gas bill alone? Coordinate rides on BlackMarket-U to save money and keep travel sustainable! Get started at: blackmarketu.com/signup

Champlain Ride Share Facebook Group

A Closed Facebook Group, Champlain Ride Share is another way to get around without owning a vehicle. Need a ride home on the weekend? Or just looking for someone going in a city you live outside of? Post on the page and others who are heading the same way will invite you to join them if they have room!

See more details at facebook.com/groups/champlainrideshare


Whether you're headed to work, the airport, or out on the town, Uber connects you with a reliable ride in minutes. One tap and a car comes directly to you. Your driver knows exactly where to go. And payment is completely cashless.

Tap a button, get a ride - Choose your ride and set your location. You'll see your driver's picture and vehicle details, and can track their arrival on the map.
No cash, no tip, no hassle - When you arrive at your destination, just hop out – Uber will automatically charge the credit card on file. And there's no need to tip.
You rate, Uber listen - Rate your driver and provide anonymous feedback about your trip. Your input helps Uber make every ride a 5-star experience.

See all the details at: uber.com/cities/burlington