Champlain College, in conjunction with Mountain Transit, operates a free shuttle-bus system for students and employees between the CCM Center on main campus, 194 Saint Paul Street Apartments, the Miller Center at 175 Lakeside Avenue, and 115 Lakeside Avenue (the residential Student parking lot).

For Spring 2021, we are operating one shuttle bus at reduced capacity due to distancing requirements. We intend to continue to monitor ridership each day and may further adjust the schedules based on the ridership data we see. 


  • The Weekday Shuttle will operate 7:30 AM to 10:00 PM (starting at Lakeside) and will service all locations (Lakeside - 194SPS - Main Campus and return).
  • The Weekend Shuttle will operate 10:00 AM–8:00 PM (starting at Main Campus) and will service all locations (Main Campus - 194SPS - Lakeside and return.)

Disinfection and Driver Swap Times 

The shuttle will stop to be disinfected multiple times throughout the day (which takes around 10 minutes each time). This is for everyone's safety. Please be patient. Disinfections times will be around:

Weekdays Weekends
10:30 AM 12 PM
12:30 PM 2 PM
2:45 PM (Driver Swap Time) 4 PM
5 PM 6 PM
7 PM


  • To allow for increased airflow, we will be using the classic yellow school bus with all windows open at all times.
  • All riders will be required to wear a face-covering over both nose and mouth the entire trip; anyone not wearing a face covering will be refused access or asked to disembark from the shuttle.
  • The first to board should sit at the most rear seats so that there is less close contact of people as the bus fills. 

Shuttle Bus Locator Map

Click Here to access the live shuttle bus locator map. The GPS location of the bus is updated every five seconds so that anyone can track the shuttle locations in real time.

You can also view the Shuttle locator map on the Champlain College app, "My Champlain". This app also has great information such as staff directory, courses, news, dining hall menu and library updates. Search for "My Champlain" on the App Store or Google Play store.