Campus Shuttle Bus

Champlain College, in conjunction with Mountain Transit, operates a free shuttle-bus system for students and employees between the CCM building on main campus, 194 Saint Paul Street Apartments, and the Miller Center at 175 Lakeside Avenue.

Fall 2023 / Spring 2024 Schedule

  • The Weekday Shuttle operates 7:00 AM to 10:00 PM (starting at Lakeside) and services all locations (Lakeside - 194SPS - Main Campus and return). A second shuttle is on the route during rush-hour hours.
  • The Weekend Shuttle operates 10:00 AM–8:00 PM (starting at Main Campus) and services all locations (Main Campus - 194SPS - Lakeside and return.)
  • The Tuesday Evening Shuttle will stop at Hula between 4:45pm-5:45pm and 8pm-9pm

Thanksgiving and Winter Break Schedule

Description Day Date
Normal Weekend Shuttle Saturday Nov 18
NO Weekend Shuttle Sunday Nov 19
Thanksgiving Break - Lakeside Limited Schedule (1 shuttle, all stops, 7am-10pm) Mon - Tues Nov 20 - 21
Thanksgiving Break - College is Closed - No Shuttles Weds - Sat Nov 22 - 25
Thanksgiving Break - Weekend Shuttle (2pm-10pm) Sunday Nov 26
Normal Weekend Shuttle Saturday Dec 16
NO Weekend Shuttle Sunday Dec 17
Lakeside Limited Schedule (1 shuttle, all stops, 7am-6pm). Weekdays only, no weekend service Mon - Fri Dec 18 - 23
Winter Break - No Shuttles Dec 24 - Jan 1, 2024
Lakeside Limited Schedule (1 shuttle, all stops, 7am-6pm) Weekdays only, no weekend. Jan 2 - 12

Breaks and Driver Swap Times

The shuttle will stop for breaks at specific times each day as well as there being a delay in service while the drivers swap between shifts. This is for everyone's safety. Please be patient.

Weekdays Weekends
12:00 Noon 1 PM
2:30 PM 3 PM (Swap)
4:30 PM (Swap) 5PM
6:00 PM

Shuttle Bus Locator Map

Click Here to access the live shuttle bus locator map. The on board GPS allows anyone to track the shuttle location in real-time.

You can also view the Shuttle locator map on the Champlain College app, "My Champlain." This app also has great information such as staff directory, courses, news, dining hall menu and library updates. Search for "My Champlain" on the App Store or Google Play store.

There may be times when a replacement bus is being used that does not have the 12V plug for the tracker. During this time buses may not show up on the tracker but are definitely on the route. Please wait at the stop.

Shuttle Service to Amtrak for School Breaks

If you are planning to take Amtrak home for school breaks, here are the details. We offer a FREE shuttle bus service for break periods (ONLY on specific days listed below only). No sign up required. Look for the Champlain College or Mountain Transit Bus.

PS: Did you know that Amtrak offers a 15% discount for students? Details on this page.

Amtrak Shuttle Dates for 2023-2024 are:

  • Fall Break - Saturday October 7th (to Essex ONLY)
  • Fall Break - Monday October 9th
  • Thanksgiving Break - Saturday November 18th (to Essex ONLY)
  • Thanksgiving Break - Sunday November 26th
  • Winter Break - Saturday December 16th (to Essex ONLY)
  • Winter Break - Monday January 15th
  • Spring Break - Saturday March 11th (to Essex ONLY)
  • Spring Break - Sunday March 17th
  • End of Spring Semester - Saturday May 4th (to Essex ONLY)


  • Pick up locations: Brown's Court behind 194 Saint Paul St, then CCM Promenade (where the normal shuttles pick up and drop off)
  • Time: Please be at Brown's Court by 8:30am and CCM promenade at 8:45am. The shuttle will depart Champlain Main Campus promptly at 9:00am The train departs at 9:44am. Please be on time so that you do not delay others. The driver will not wait.
  • Drop off location: The shuttle will drop you off right at the station in Essex Junction.



  • Pick up location: North side of Central Street adjacent to the station. Look for the Champlain College or Mountain Transit Bus.
  • Time: It will be there before the train arrives at 8:18pm and wait until you all arrive.
  • Drop off location: CCM promenade (where the normal shuttles pick up and drop off), then to 194 Saint Paul St.

FROM AMTRAK - BURLINGTON (Ethan Allen Express)

  • Pick up location: Intersection of 1 Main Street and 1 Lake Street, just in front of Burlington's Union Station.
  • Time: It will be there before the train arrives at 9:55pm and will wait until you all arrive.
  • Drop off location: First stop at 194 Saint Paul St using Brown's Court, then to the CCM promenade.

Champlain students are also welcome to ride the UVM CATS bus to and from the Burlington International Airport, Amtrak Stations, and Downtown Transit Center. To see their break shuttle schedule and stops visit: