Equipment Rental Policies

The CCM Division manages the Sound Recording Studio in collaboration with the Rental House. The Recording Studio serves as both a classroom for production classes as well as a lab space for students during non-class hours. The Studio contains dedicated equipment, and requires special training and permissions to gain access.

User Agreement

Patrons who reserve/rent the Studio are bound by our usage policies as outlined in this document. Patrons are responsible for the condition of the equipment and facilities while it is reserved out under their name - and will be held accountable for damages, loss or theft. Users must sign an agreement stating that they have read and understood the policies at the begining of each semester, or before they first use the space in each semester.

Who May Reserve The Sound Recording Studio

Current Champlain College students, faculty, and staff may access the Studios free of charge. Reservation priority will be given to Sonic Arts faculty, then to students enrolled in associated classes.

Access and Permissions

The Studio has unique usage and safety requirements, and operates using multiple tiers of access - each requiring different levels of training and certification:

Isolation Booth Access: Course enrollment required for online (self-service) reservations.

ID Card opens the front door and booth doors. Training/certification provided in associated class.

Session Access: Requires Sonic Arts Faculty or Staff booking and presence.

Book a session by contacting a sonic arts facutly or staff member to arrange a reservation.

Reservation and Checkout Process

  1. Go to our online reservation tool through the Rental Equipment page of Champ Support.
  2. Click on the ‘Make a Reservation’ button, and log in using your Champlain username and password.
  3. Select the location ‘CCM Studios’
  4. Set Reservation begin and end times
  5. Navigate to the ‘Add Resources’ tab to select the desired studio space
  6. Press the ‘Confirm’ button to complete the reservation.

Rental Period

The Isolation Booths (C014B / C014C) are limited to 4 hour reservations. If more time is needed, and there is no conflicting reservations, extentions may be made through the online reservation tool.

Studio Damage and Loss Policy

The Patron is responsible for notifing Sonic Arts Faculty or Staff of any pre-existing issues with the Studio. Patrons are expected to report any damage caused to the facilities or equipment therein which happens during their reservation period. Patrons found to have damaged or removed equipment from the Studio will be financially liable for damages, and will be referred to the Office of Student Conduct for a disciplinary hearing.

We value your open, honest, and timely engagement with our reservation operation and policies. All attempts on your part to resolve issues fairly and quickly will be taken into consideration. Please be as specific as possible when reporting issues to Sonic Arts Faculty or Staff.

Champlain College CCM Division

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