Printer Policy

On October 1, 2013 Champlain College transitioned all network printers to the SymQuest Group Managed Print Services printer program, which brought the following advantages to all of us:

  • Optimized our printer fleet.
  • All network printing done at a guaranteed low cost per page.
  • Monthly reporting provided on all network printers.
  • Monthly billing streamlined by department.
  • Meter readings and error reporting take place automatically.
  • Color printing managed and controlled.
  • Our carbon footprint and overall waste reduced by using less energy and less paper.
  • Eliminated local printers and expensive supplies.
  • Individual departments call SymQuest for toner and service directly.

Starting years before, Shelley Navari, Christina Erickson and others initiated the mission to rationalize printing/copying costs and to trend business processes to as much of a paperless environment as possible. As a result of their efforts both paper usage and the number of personal printers and department laser jets have significantly trended down. This mission to constantly and continuously improve our carbon footprint while still providing robust printing services continues today. We need your help in understanding and supporting this mission for its continued success.

The Process: Send requests for printers / copiers to IS will visit with you to understand both the request and the existing printing infrastructure around your area from a cost and a printing capability perspective. We will then propose a solution and work with you to review the solution with Finance. Recognize that a solution might involve a change in existing work patterns. For example, newly placed area printers/copiers might require you to walk out of your immediate area. We ask for your understanding and support when these conversations occur. And remember that departmental printers are paid for out of that department's budget and that Finance will have to approve the availability of budget dollars.

The Goals: Our college wide mission for printing is to move all of us to:

  • using double sidedprinting
  • use secure mailboxes at our multi-function printers (MFPs)
  • create PDFs by scanning documents directly to your e-mail
  • Awareness of the cost difference between black (1.2 cents) vs color (5.5 cents)
  • There is no more College support of inkjets and ink cartridges (except specialty inkjets like plotters). The college is not buying ink - even with department funds. And it won't be available when we switch to WB Mason as our office supplies vendor.
  • Our managed print contract covers all laser jet printers
  • Every action helps improve our carbon footprint! Before you print please ask yourself, 'could I share this document in a different way - via email or google docs, etc?