Green Mountain Transit (GMT) City Bus

Green Mountain TransitAll Champlain College students and employees can ride any Green Mountain Transit (GMT) bus anytime, anywhere for FREE, including the LINK Express and Commuter routes. This free benefit also includes use of Tri-Valley Transit (TVT) buses from Addison County including Middlebury, Bristol, Vergennes, Starksboro and Hinesburg. Your Champlain ID card is already set up, so simply swipe it through the fare box card reader as you board the bus. If you need to take more than one bus to get to your destination, YOU MUST ask the driver for a transfer before you leave the bus (this also saves us from paying twice!).

GMT is the public bus service for northwestern Vermont. It is headquartered in Chittenden County and also serves the surrounding counties. Champlain College affiliates can ride buses for FREE through our Unlimited Access Program with CATMA. All Champlain College employees who are riding the bus on a regular basis qualify for CATMA's Guaranteed Ride Home program. This gets you free taxi rides home in the event of an emergency.

Graphic map titled "Explore Greater BTV by Riding GMT". The map includes eight different local bus routes, each in a different color.