Parking at Champlain College is a very limited resource that requires a lot of management and patience, and we ask for everyone to play their part.

Following our Campus Master Plan and our Transportation Plan, the majority of our parking capacity is located at our two satellite parking lots at Lakeside Avenue, both of which are served by our convenient shuttle system.

The remaining main campus parking areas are limited to a handful of smaller lots that are zoned for employees, commuting students, and campus visitors. There are also some on-street parking areas which we share with the general public. Everyone who parks at Champlain needs a parking permit of some type.

Click here for the current official parking map.

ALL Champlain College students, employees and contractors must obtain and display a parking permit for their vehicle, regardless of where or when they park. 

Parking Permits for Spring 2024 are available to order NOW at

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There are a number of ways to keep up with the latest parking updates or news: