Recruiting and Hiring Student Employees

Step 1:

Job Descriptions

Every student position on campus is required to have a job description (JD), which must be approved by Financial Aid before a student is hired. Upon reviewing a job description, the Office of Financial Aid will assign a JD number for proper entry into Oracle during the hiring process. Approved JDs may be found on the "K Drive" under Workstudy. You will be able to search through past years' folders to see all JDs to find the job description you are looking for.

If you need to create a new job description, please use the "Job Description Template" on the K Drive. 


Please speak to your budget manager to get your budget number and the total amount allocated for student employment. If you are unsure who that is, please contact Finance and they can let you know.
See the Budget Tracking document for hours and earnings.

Step 2: Recruiting

To recruit for your open student position, please send your approved job description to Angela Hyldburg in the Career Collaborative at A deadline date for students to apply is required, but it can be closed early or extended, as needed, until you receive enough qualified applications.

Step 3: Informer Report

Click here to find out how to access the Informer report to determine Work-Study eligibility/award for a specific student. If you are having trouble accessing the report, please contact Molly Pepper, You only need to check Work-Study eligibility for Work-Study positions only. This step is not applicable to non-Work-Study positions.

Step 4: Hiring

When you are ready to hire, please submit your new hire request(s) using this Student Hiring Form. Please allow for 2 - 3 business days to process your request(s). When your student employee has been hired in Oracle, you will receive an email from the People Center with further instructions regarding the approval and onboarding processes.

Step 5: Onboarding

Your student employee may need to complete onboarding before you receive an email from the People Center informing you they may begin working. You can monitor the progress of the onboarding status by following instructions on this reference guide. To speed up the process, please monitor and work closely with your student employee to complete this process. If your student employee requires assistance, they can use this reference guide.

Step 6: "Student Employee May Begin Working" Email

Your student employee may not begin work until you receive an email from the People Center indicating that they may begin. This email is triggered after your student employee has completed their onboarding process, including their I-9. Refer back to "Step 5: Onboarding" for how to monitor their onboarding progress.