Benefits of Applying Early Decision

At Champlain College, applying through the Early Decision Plan is highly recommended for all students who rank Champlain as their top choice. We specifically seek out students who demonstrate a high level of interest in our career-focused approach to education—and applying through our Early Decision Plan is an influential factor in our decision-making process.

How Our Early Decision Plan Works

You may elect to apply Early Decision on the Champlain College application or on the Common Application. You may still apply to as many other schools as you like through their early action or regular decision admission process; however, you agree to withdraw those applications if admitted to Champlain College.

If you're admitted Early Decision to Champlain College, you'll commit to enroll by submitting your enrollment deposit within three weeks of receiving your offer of admission. If you feel your financial aid offer is not in line with what your family can afford, you may contact the Office of Financial Aid and request to be released from the agreement.

If you are not admitted through Early Decision, you'll automatically be considered a candidate for admission in our Regular Decision applicant pool (unless you withdraw your application). Many institutions do not allow this option. At Champlain, there is absolutely no downside to applying Early Decision!

How to apply Early Decision

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You'll get your admission decision and financial aid award earlier than candidates who apply through Regular Decision, and you'll be able to enjoy the rest of your senior year and begin making plans for your transition to our campus in Burlington.

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When you apply Early Decision, you are competing against a smaller pool of applicants overall: approximately 400 vs the 5,000+ that will apply through the Regular Decision option. The rate of admission for Early Decision applicants is higher than it is for other applicants. Typically, more than one-third of our incoming classes are admitted through Early Decision.

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Early Decision applicants receive priority in the housing and roommate selection process. Be among the first matched with a roommate and assigned a residence hall. 

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All of our majors are popular, but a few are so popular and specialized that they have enrollment caps: Game Art, Game Design, Game Programming, and Game Production Management. Additionally, Computer & Digital Forensics, Data Science, Filmmaking, Professional Writing, Visual Communication Design, and Computer Networking & Cybersecurity are also in high demand. The Early Decision option allows you to compete against a smaller pool of applicants for the highly coveted spots in these programs.

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We pride ourselves with providing a highly personalized approach to all we do at Champlain. However, in Early Decision, we are processing fewer applications at one time so our Admissions and Financial Aid teams are able to provide families with extra attention.

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As an Early Decision student, you gain access to our Career Catalyst program which, among other things, allows you to attend exclusive networking workshops and events on campus and throughout the country. These professional events are hosted by the Career Collaborative—home to Champlain's unique InSight program which provides students with the career positioning and personal finance know-how they need to be successful. To learn more, you can download a PDF one-sheet that outlines all the ways Early Decision students benefit from the Career Catalyst program.

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