Benefits of Applying Early Decision

Champlain College main campus at dusk. Burlington, Vermont

If Champlain College is your top choice school, you should absolutely apply through our Early Decision option. It's easy, it's free, and there are some key benefits to doing so.

How Our Early Decision Option Makes Your Life Easier

Find out what's what sooner than any other applicant. You'll get your admission decision and financial aid award earlier, and you'll be able to enjoy the rest of your senior year and begin making plans for your transition to our campus in Burlington.

Increase your chances of admission. When you apply Early Decision, you are competing against a smaller pool of applicants overall: approximately 400 vs the 5,000+ that will apply through the Regular Decision option. The rate of admission for Early Decision applicants is higher than it is for Regular Decision applicants. Typically, more than one-third of our incoming classes are admitted through Early Decision.

Take advantage of first access to housing selection. Priority for housing placement is given based on the date the enrollment deposit is received. Early decision applicants receive their admissions decisions earlier than other applicants allowing them to be among the first matched with roommates and assigned a residence hall. As each of our 20 Victorian-era mansions offers different styles and views, you might want to get involved in this process on the front end of things.

Secure your spot in a high-demand major. All of our majors are popular, but a few are so popular and specialized that they have enrollment caps: Game Art, Game Design, Game Programming, and Game Production Management. Additionally, Computer & Digital Forensics, Data Science, Filmmaking, Professional Writing, and Computer Networking & Cybersecurity are also in high demand. The Early Decision option allows you to compete against a smaller pool of applicants for the highly coveted spots in these programs.

Enjoy more personalized admissions and financial aid support. We pride ourselves with providing a highly personalized approach to all we do at Champlain. However, in Early Decision, we are processing fewer applications at one time so our Admissions and Financial Aid teams are able to provide families with extra attention.


How Early Decision Works: What It Means (...and Doesn't Mean)

Every institution has different Early Decision policies. Champlain makes it easy to apply, with a few simple things you will want to know.

  • Nothing to lose. If you are not admitted through Early Decision, you will be considered a candidate for admission in the Regular Decision applicant pool (unless you withdraw your application).
  • Financial clarity. If you are admitted, you will receive your Financial Aid Award Letter at the same time you receive your Acceptance Letter. Early Decision applicants should submit the FAFSA ( by the November 15 priority filing date.  
  • Reasonable commitment. Your enrollment deposit will be due three weeks after you receive your acceptance and Financial Aid Award. Once you decide to accept Champlain's offer of admission, submit your enrollment deposit to confirm your intention to enroll.
  • Clear the clutter. If you are admitted and have made your enrollment deposit, you should withdraw your applications to other institutions.