Ten Exclusive Early Decision Advantages

If you’ve taken the time to get to know Champlain—and know that this is a place where you feel you can thrive—applying Early Decision is the best way to indicate to our Admission Counselors that you are all in for Champlain.

Every institution has different benefits that come with applying under the Early Decision plan. Champlain makes it easy to apply as an Early Decision candidate (with no application fees) and offers these 10 advantages that are exclusive to the Early Decision plan:

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1. Fast notification for a stress-free senior year.

If you apply by the Early Decision deadline of December 1, your admission decision and financial aid offer will be sent by the December holiday break or sooner. The sooner you apply Early Decision, the sooner you find out-Early Decision Admission decisions will begin being released in mid-December.

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2. Increase your chances of admission.

When you apply Early Decision, you are competing amongst a smaller pool of applicants overall. The number of Early Decision applicants will be in the hundreds of students compared with the thousands who will apply Regular Decision. The acceptance rate for Early Decision applicants is far higher than it is for Regular Decision applicants. Typically, more than one-third of our incoming classes are admitted through Early Decision.

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3. Gain financial clarity.

If admitted on the Early Decision plan, you will receive your Financial Aid Award Letter at the same time you receive your Acceptance Letter. If your financial aid offer does not meet enough of your demonstrated financial need, you may request to be released from the agreement.

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4. Secure your spot in high-demand major.

All of our majors are popular, but a few are so popular and specialized that they have enrollment caps. If you’re interested in a program that Champlain is well known for, you can put yourself at an advantage by applying Early Decision. The Early Decision plan allows you to compete against a smaller pool of applicants for the highly coveted spots in these competitive majors.

Interior of a Champlain res hall: a green fireplace holds up matching speakers and a wide-screen TV. Two well-made beds are on either end, underneath windows looking out onto a beautiful fall day.

5. Enjoy priority in the housing & roommate selection process.

As an Early Decision admitted student, you will receive priority in the housing preference and roommate selection process and be among the first matched with a roommate and placed in one of our Victorian-era mansion residence halls.

Bright red Mini Cooper with the top down, parked near a brick walkway on Champlain campus

6. Bring your wheels to campus in your first year.

First-year residential students are not permitted to bring a vehicle to Champlain—unless they applied through the Early Decision Plan. You will enjoy free parking for the year.

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7. Take a free 3-credit, well-being course this spring or summer.

Students who are admitted through the Early Decision plan are invited to take an exclusive, three-credit, online course called Mindcraft that explores the human brain and teaches you how to apply mindfulness in all areas of your life. We'll teach you how to handle stress and doubt using techniques based in science and proven scholarly research. You will emerge with constructive strategies to grow and thrive, along with direction, purpose, and a stronger sense of self.

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8. Enjoy more personalized admissions and financial aid guidance.

We pride ourselves with providing a highly personalized approach to all we do at Champlain. However, in Early Decision, we are processing fewer applications at one time so our Admissions and Financial Aid teams are able to provide families with extra attention.

9. Early Decision student-only online game events.

The Champlain College Esports (CCE) team hosts casual gaming events and supports intercollegiate competitive team Esports. All students who enroll through the Early Decision Plan and participate in a game with CCE will get a free CCE T-shirt!

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10. Meet your Career Peer Coach before you start at Champlain.

Why wait to connect with some of the most engaged students at Champlain? Once you’ve submitted your enrollment deposit, as an Early Decision applicant you can begin to meet one-on-one with your dedicated Career Peer Coach who will help you understand the many career resources, opportunities, and programs at Champlain.

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Convinced? Let's go!

There are no risks to applying to Champlain College through our Early Decision plan. You'll be glad you did!

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