Students playing Overwatch

Champlain College Esports

College Esports (CCE) is a multifaceted community that hosts casual gaming events and supports competitive team Esports. Our goal is to foster a community of students of any major across campus to rally behind their peers playing against other college Esports teams while also having fun playing games themselves.  

Our events are open and inclusive to the entire Champlain community, no matter how much or little experience a student has with gaming. We have an event calendar located on our Facebook page as well as around campus that details our events.

Our casual events include tournaments for various fighting or 1v1 games, larger scale team tournaments or open LAN events where students can bring their own computer or laptop setups and play whatever games they'd like in a group setting. There are raffles and prizes for tournament winners at every event.

Feel free to contact us with any questions you might have and make sure to join our Discord server to keep up with current events and the community!

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Meeting times vary, but most events are Saturday afternoons or evenings.