Propose a project for the Green Revolving Fund

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The Green Revolving Fund Committee will evaluate proposed Community Fund projects on the following criteria:

  • Promotes awareness and understanding of sustainability in education, campus culture and behavior
  • Directly or indirectly reduces Champlain's environmental impact
  • Encourages student participation, learning and leadership
  • Engages members of the Champlain community
  • Uses funding cost-effectively

Have an idea for a project? Email us the idea and we'll give you feedback on how best to proceed.

Proposal Form: Student/Campus Community Member
Proposals for projects are November 1 and March 1.

Physical Plant energy efficiency projects should meet the following criteria:

  • Produces financial savings that will pay for the initial cost of the project within five to ten years; shorter payback periods are preferred
  • Quantifiably improves the environmental sustainability of Champlain College (e.g. improved energy efficiency, renewable energy generation and waste reduction)
  • Uses loan funding cost-effectively as measured by the environmental impact reduction per dollar