Creative Media (BFA)

To be fully considered for admission into the Creative Media (BFA) major, you must submit the following to Slideroom for the Portfolio Review:

  1. A portfolio of (2) creative works: submissions must be in two (2) distinct media types and creativity is appreciated. As an example, you may submit several short poems and a short video; or a series of photographic images and the lyrics to a song you wrote. The goal of this review is to evaluate how creative a candidate is and can be. Please do not submit ALL visual art work, or ALL written work. We want to see a variety of media.
  2. A personal statement, between 200 and 1,000 words: the faculty wants to learn about your creative process, your sources for inspiration, your goals in pursuing the arts, and anything else you feel demonstrates your creative passions.

Students applying to the Creative Media major should demonstrate creative talents and inspirations using media and words. The faculty seeks students who are willing to take creative risks, will be on the cutting edge of creative thinking and apply art to many avenues and channels.

Acceptable File Formats

  • JPG (5MB limit)
  • PNG (5MB limit)
  • GIF (5MB limit)
  • MOV (60MB limit)
  • WMV (60MB limit)
  • FLV (60MB limit)
  • PDF (10MB limit)
  • MP3 (10MB limit)

Please contact your Admission Counselor for specific questions on the Creative Media (BFA) Portfolio Review requirement.