Champlain College is a particularly bike friendly campus (don't worry about the hills!). We can always do more, so see below for what's coming up in 2015 and beyond.

Poster of all bicycle related items at Champlain

The quick summary of some bicycle related information:

  • ChampShop—the Juniper Hall bicycle mechanic workshop IS NOW OPEN (with huge thanks to the Green Revolving Fund).
  • There are a number of bike racks available on campus for short term use. See the layer on our google transportation map for locations, details and photographs.
  • We currently have two indoor bike storage rooms in Butler and Juniper that can be used by ALL residential students (and employees). Simply email to request key card access. Respect your bike, please use the safe, secure rooms!
  • Need to get changed after your commute? There are locker and shower facilities available in IDX at the Gym and in Lakeside on the second floor.
  • All employees can register for the Bike/Walk Rewards Program (CATMA) which provides rewards of gift cards to City Market, Ski Rack or Roxy Cinema for simply biking to work at least three days per week for two 4 week periods.
  • ChampRides—Champlain Colleges bikeshare program is launching in May. Bikes will be located in IDX at The Hub and simply 'swipe out' for use up to four hours. A liability waiver is required the first time. The bikes will come with a helmet, lock and lights. We will also have bikes at Lakeside Campus for use on the bike path and lunchtime rides there too.
  • Our safety program has helmets available for purchase out of IDX's The Hub at cost price. The Bern helmets are multi-sport helmets that can be used by people who bike, skateboard, ski or snowboard. See The Hub for details. We plan on expanding this to locks and lights too for the ultimate safety program.
  • This summer we will be having the 'ChampRiders Cruise' weekly ride series. This is an opportunity for any employee or student to come for a cruise around the neighborhoods of Burlington during the lunch hour and enjoy some socializing and exercise while exploring the nooks and crannies of Burlington. Easy routes and varying directions will be the theme of every week.
  • Bike Trade-In or lease program? We are coming up with a plan to get leaving students at the end of the spring semester to donate or sell their bikes to us, we will fix them up over the summer and get them back to new students in the fall semester. This will help reduce the number of bikes discarded each year and help reuse them for new students. The ultimate recycling project. This is still in the works. If you have an idea, tell us.
  • Want public bike repair tool stands? We plan on installing our first this summer with the intent on adding more in the future. If you have a good idea for where, contact us!
  • We are drafting an Active Transportation Plan in Spring 2015 to help shape the future of active transportation at Champlain for walking, biking, skateboarding and wheelchairs. We plan on releasing this Active Transportation Plan highlighting feedback, our goals and vision and action items for the future and puts it into a concise document that will be considered an addendum to the 2013 Transportation Plan.
  • Coming next fall, a commuter 'end of trip' facility in Cushing where there will be showers, lockers, changing rooms, bike wash and lounge area. Sound good? We are seeking ideas right now to make it awesome.

Other bicycle specific links can be found below:

Winter Biking Tips

Remember that winter bicycling can be challenging! Please practice winter bicycling in a controlled environment before attempting to commute by bike.

  • Be visible. Wear bright clothing and reflective lights or material.
  • Be predictable. Ride in a manner consistent with traffic laws, and obey signals, and when possible use designated bicycle lanes or paths.
  • Be defensive. Go slow. Always look for oncoming traffic, and make sure motorists see you.
  • Be aware. Keep the volume on any portable devices low enough to hear traffic.
  • Be prepared. Wear proper clothing for the elements. Recommendations include:
    • Warm, waterproof, windproof outer layers.
    • Warm, waterproof mittens/gloves that do not compromise your ability to brake or change gears.
    • Warm but thin head covering that fits under your helmet and protects your ears.
    • Warm, waterproof layer for protecting your face.
  • Be equipped. Winter biking equipment is extremely helpful. A few recommendations include:
    • Proper bike lights for biking in the dark (note: legally required in Burlington)
    • Fenders
    • Studded tires