Despite our location in a rural state, we are fortunate to have a variety of transportation options to assist you in your commute to campus. Ultimately, we hope to reduce the number of single occupancy vehicles coming to campus, and the resources listed below are our path to doing so, especially through our membership with CATMA and partnerships with CCTA and CarShare Vermont. We also recommend Go Chittenden County for general commuting information and resources.

Questions about how to get from one place to another? See our Commuter FAQs.

Want to compare travel modes? Check out the Side By Side Router tool.

Bike/Walk/Board Local Bus/Transit Carpooling & Ride-Sharing
CarShare Taxi Service Buses, Trains, and more

Bicycle (and foot, board, skate...)

Employee Commuter Benefits for Champlain employees

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Local Bus/Transit

Champlain College Shuttle—Currently services main campus, Lakeside and Spinner Place.

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Carpooling & Ride-Sharing

Employee Commuter Benefits:

Champlain College residential students who park offsite at the Gilbane lot, or who reside at Spinner Place will be issued a CATMA Emergency Ride Home Card to their campus mailbox. This CommuteSmart card enables students to get to/from main campus and these sites when shuttles or CCTA buses are not running. Instructions for use of this program can be found on the back of the CATMA card. These cards are issued to eligible students at the onset of each semester. If a student at these sites hasn't received their card please send an email to:

All employees who obtain a FREE Zone 1 permit to park at the Lakeside Avenue campus are eligible to enroll in CATMA's Emergency Ride Home Program . This program provides employees with a FREE taxi ride to their vehicle at Lakeside in the event of an emergency and/or our shuttle isn't available. For eligible emergency uses and information on commuter programs and incentives, visit, email or call 802-656-RIDE. All mail to CATMA can be sent through Campus Mail using 'Box 7' a stamp!

RideSharing for Students:

This carpool matching service, coordinated by Go! Vermont makes it easy to find the right commute for you. The Zimride matching service helps take the "what if" out of carpooling, by letting you see other riders' profiles and setting the financial arrangements up front.

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CarShare Vermont—A network of vehicles parked in convenient spots all over town, including one at Champlain—located in the Perry Hall parking lot, that you can use by the hour or day whenever you need to drive.

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Taxi Services*

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Other Modes of Travel (Long-distance)*

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*Champlain College does not have an official relationship with any of these businesses.