Permit Information

Permit Policy

Students, faculty, staff and vendors who bring a vehicle anywhere near campus must register their vehicle with the College. Visitors should ask their campus contact for information about temporary parking on campus.

Permit Fees

  • Zone 1: Free for Faculty & Staff
  • Zone 2: Free for Students
  • Zone 3: $170/semester for full-time Faculty, Staff and Commuting Students, $75/semester for part-time Faculty, Staff and Commuting students
  • Zone 4: $200/semester for full-time Faculty, Staff and Commuting Students, $90/semester for part-time Faculty, Staff and Commuting students
  • Zone 5: $170/semester. This lot is for residential special needs permits
  • All Zone Permits may park in the satellite lots at Lakeside and Gilbane without having to obtain a second permit
  • Evening students can park in any available lot (except Perry Hall and Skiff Hall) after 4 p.m. for free. There is no charge for students to park in the Gilbane lot at any time

Metered Parking

Metered parking lots available at Miller Information Commons (MIC) and 56 Summit. The cost is $1 per hour, between the hours of 8am - 4pm, Monday-Friday. Any Champlain affiliate parking in these lots are still required to have registered your vehicle with at least a Zone 1 permit. See more information here. Residential students (with a Zone 2 permit) are NOT permitted to park in metered lots during operational hours.

Zone Permits

Permits are issued by zone depending on enrollment or employment status with the College, taking into account special needs. Fees may be paid in full at registration or, in the case of faculty and staff, by payroll deduction.

Residential students who enroll in Radiography, Education Majors or who work until at least 11pm at least one night per week may apply for a zone 5 permit to park under Boardman Hall. Cost is $170 per semester and spaces are limited and assigned on a first come basis. Documentation of employment conditions is required before a permit will be approved. This can be emailed to


Affix the decal to the lower left-hand corner of the front windshield. Decals must be clearly visible through the front windshield. Please remove any expired permits from previous semesters.

Replacement Permits immediately if your permit is lost or stolen. Log on to to request a replacement permit. Once a replacement permit is ordered, the old permit is no longer valid. There is a $10 processing fee for replacement permits.


If you withdraw (or cease College employment) within five days of receiving your permit, 100% of the permit cost will be refunded provided you return your permit by mail to and permanently remove your vehicle from the campus.

Permits are not transferable. Remove your permit from your vehicle if you sell it or otherwise transfer ownership. Log on to to change or update your vehicle information. Permits may not be transferred to other individuals or used on vehicles not registered for that permit.