Violations & Appeals

A person ticketed has the option of paying the citation or appealing the citation online at

Citations may be presented to the owner/operator in person or placed on the windshield.

If the ticket is not paid or dismissed it must be appealed within 15 days. The system will send a confirmation the appeal has been received. The Appeals Committee which is comprised of faculty, staff and students meets every 2 weeks to decide the outcome of an appealed ticket.

The Committee hears each appeal, discusses each ticket and then decides to dismiss the ticket, reduce the fine amount or uphold the ticket and the entire fine. Each individual appealing a ticket is notified of the outcome by e-mail.

Each person ticketed gets at least 2 email reminders and a letter in the mail reminding them to pay the citation. If the citation remains unpaid after the letter has been sent the ticket is sent to Student Accounts for collection and a $25.00 administrative fee is added to the total amount.

Cars with 3 unpaid tickets or that have not obtained a parking permit may be towed without further warning. Champlain affiliates parked illegally outside Champlain College parking zones may also be ticketed.

The finding of the Appeals Committee is absolutely final and will not be overturned. Students or staff with questions about the process should contact the office of Campus Safety.