Contemporary Residence Halls

All Champlain College residence halls have wireless Internet and are smoke and substance-free.

Champlain College Residence Hall - Main Street SuitesMain Street Suites

One of our campus’ most popular living options, Main Street Suites is a favorite of guests who desire the privacy of single rooms. Each of the suites has its own common space. The building also includes a small kitchenette area perfect for making a late night snack.

This buildingis air conditioned and is handicap accessible.

Main Street Suites consists of 57 rooms and 59 beds in an apartment-like setting. Each suite consists of four single bedrooms with a common bath, lounge and kitchenette.

Champlain College Residence Hall - Juniper HallJuniper Hall

Juniper Hall is Champlain’s newest facility built in the summer of 2012. Juniper Hall is named after an island on Lake Champlain, which is very appropriate as the building features multiple two-story windows looking out onto Burlington’s greatest natural attraction. The building was also designed with the environment in mind, as its construction meets the highest standard of sustainability.

Juniper consists of 51 bedrooms and 95 beds: 10 singles and 41 doubles.

It features a beautiful stone fireplace in the large open lounge,a dining area and small study rooms.

This is an air conditioned building and is handicap accessible.

Champlain College Residence Hall - Lakeview HallLakeview Hall

There is a formal living room located on the first floor. Many rooms face west with beautiful views of Lake Champlain. Many rooms have wood floors and radiant heat. The distinctive wall colors in bedrooms are very popular as it makes it feel like home.

The building is air conditioned and is handicap accessible.

Lakeview consists of 39 rooms and 81 beds: 3 singles, 30 doubles, and 6 triples.

Butler LoungeButler Hall

One of Champlain's newest contemporary residence halls, Butler Hall features a beautiful stone fireplace in the large open lounge, a dining area and small study rooms. Right outside is a landscaped grass courtyard with outdoor tables, amphitheater seating and a paved area for skateboarding.  Butler Hall is air-conditioned and handicap accessible.