Amy Letinsky
Affiliated with Champlain College Online

I've been an instructor at Champlain College since 2005, and I previously taught at the University of Vermont. In 2006, I moved from Vermont to Seattle with my husband (Daniel) for his job as a family practice doctor. I have two young children, both girls, with whom I'm thrilled to be sharing the love of reading and writing.

I enjoy writing for many different circumstances. I've done a lot of writing for the web, newspaper and magazine journalism, and research based essays.  Essays are my favorite form of writing, but I also write some short stories, am working on a couple of non-fiction book projects, and I'm editing a novel I wrote a couple years back for NaNoWriMo (The National Novel Writing Month).

I'm passionate about reading and count among my favorite authors John Milton, Jane Austen, and J.K. Rowling. And while I favor British authors for both my pleasure reading and academic research, I also try to stay current on what's being written on this side of the Atlantic. 

When I'm not reading a good book or writing my humble attempt at one, I'm running for fun and competition, swimming with my family, or fishing for salmon on one of the many majestic Northwest rivers.