Business Administration Learning Outcomes

The faculty of the Robert P. Stiller School of Business at Champlain College spend a lot of time working with employers and internship sites to determine the exact skills, knowledge, and characteristics they are seeking in job candidates. The Business Administration program gives you the skills employers value most highly.

By the time you complete your Business Administration BSBA degree, you will have a well rounded professional background that allows you to embody the following personas. 

  • The Agile Career Navigator will adapt and thrive while moving confidently across jobs and industries.
  • The Constantly Curious Learner will be able to recognize and respond to a dynamic business environment, equipped to create new knowledge, identify and question assumptions and biases, and bring new insights to address these complex challenges.
  • The Resourceful Changemaker will influence positive change within their business environments using business/management principles such as interpersonal and leadership skills, organizational theory, risk assessment, design thinking, and courage.
  • The Effective Communicator will employ a range of strategies to facilitate communication and collaboration to address the needs of all affected stakeholders to achieve desired organizational objectives.
  • The Social Impact Innovator will be courageous, purpose-driven, have the capacity to deal with ambiguity and paradox, see broad perspectives of issues, show energy and resilience, hold both entrepreneurial and intrapreneurial mindsets, and be a driver of change.