BSBA Concentrations

Customize your business degree for the career you want. After exploring your own strengths and interests, you'll choose a concentration within the BSBA program that sets you up to succeed in the type of work you love to do. Choose from:

Your concentration will give you distinctive expertise in an area that employers value highly.

Along with a concentration to focus your business education, you have the option to further personalize your experience by declaring a minor.

Computer Science

A background in computer science will be an asset anywhere you go. Launch a tech startup or provide knowledgeable guidance to any organization you join—your blend of business acumen and programming experience will prove to be boundlessly versatile over time.

Courses in this concentration:


Gain hands-on experience in a field that’s in higher demand than ever. Every business and nonprofit needs to take measures to protect its systems and data, and you can be in a position to shore up those defenses and guide your organization safely through the inevitable cyber threats it will experience.

Courses in this concentration:

Information Systems & Technology

Information Technology (IT) exists to support organizational functions; businesses depend on information to survive and thrive. Our concentration in Information Systems & Technology allows you to explore the relationship between a business and its networks of information gathering and storage.

The education provided by this concentration will prove to be invaluable in an economy that relies more and more on information technology and information systems (IS).

Courses in this concentration:

International Business

With all kinds of markets becoming increasingly global, gaining insight on global economic and business climates is more important than ever. With this concentration, you'll obtain knowledge about the global economy that will give you an advantage come hiring time and make you a key player on international teams. 

You'll be strongly encouraged to study abroad for at least one semester. With two international campuses (Canada and Ireland), a grant program that covers nearly every expense for a summer internship in Asia, and numerous exchange partnerships around the world, we make it easy for you to develop cultural empathy and immerse yourself in another city.Courses in this concentration:


Good management is a hallmark of any successful organization. Effective, responsible management of people and resources can mean a world of difference to employees, communities, and your bottom line.

Champlain's BSBA concentration in Management provides you with the skills and tools to navigate business challenges and create positive outcomes.

Courses in this concentration:

Sustainable Business

Account for more than just financial profit in your bottom line. Through this BSBA concentration, you'll investigate the far-reaching impacts a company has on its community and environment. You'll explore the interconnectedness of business and social movements, understanding how the two can-and must-work in tandem.

Courses in this concentration: