Entrepreneurship Minor


Do you have an idea you'd like to turn into a profitable business? Whether you're studying business, technology, human services, education, media, arts or communication, the 15-credit Entrepreneurship minor provides a roadmap for how to start and plan a potential business or nonprofit. You'll develop key entrepreneurial skills through individual projects, business plans and models, and by learning to conduct customer research and analyze case studies, you'll gain insight into what it takes to create and maintain a successful business. The Entrepreneurship minor is especially geared to students interested in social entrepreneurism and using the power of business to build a better world. 

  • Create viable plans for businesses that are economically and socially sustainable.
  • Identify new opportunities for products, services and processes that provide value to investors.
  • Use qualitative and quantitative data to generate new ideas and measure success.
  • Address problems from multiple angles and with multiple solutions.
  • Develop creative, innovative entrepreneurial solutions that create positive change and benefit to customers and the planet.


Right time. Right place. Right state.

There's never been a better time or place to study entrepreneurship than Champlain College in Burlington, Vermont. As a state with an entrepreneurial state of mind, there are tons of resources on campus and in the community to test drive your business ideas and get help with the start-up process. (Vermont has also consistently ranked among the top small states for small business activity by the Kaufmann Foundation's Main Street Entrepreneurship Index.)

You can enter the LaunchVT Champlain, a business pitch competition (which offers cash prizes and the opportunity to represent Champlain in the LaunchVT Collegiate statewide competition for Vermont undergraduate college students) and the Elevator Pitch Competition, a contest that allows Champlain students to give a 90-second "pitch" to an executive as succinctly and convincingly as possible.  

The Robert P. Stiller School of Business is also home to the Build Your Own Business (BYOBiz)® program, an entrepreneurship program that provides step-by-step assistance for students to build and launch your own business. Check out the BYOBiz® YouTube channel and watch videos from the "Speaking From Experience" entrepreneurship lecture series as well as LaunchVT and Elevator Pitch competitions.