Bachelor’s to Master’s Pathways

Through Champlain College Online, you can smoothly transition from undergraduate to graduate student, enhancing your skills and career opportunities. You can even pursue a certificate or master’s degree while you work with CCO’s convenient online classes.

  • No application fee, essay or GRE scores required
  • Competitive tuition at $595/credit (less if your employer, or your parents/guardians employer is a truED member)
  • Expedited admission for Champlain College students
  • Master’s degrees can be completed in as few as 18 months

Champlain College Online Master of Business Administration (MBA)

Apply your undergraduate coursework to your MBA and become an in-demand business professional in a thriving focus area of your choice. Learn to:

  • strategically influence change and drive results,
  • leverage your strengths and those of your team, and
  • use systems thinking to guide organizational decisions.

Champlain College Online Business Master’s Degrees

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  • Establish yourself as an effective leader to successfully promote change in organizations, collaborate with diverse groups of people, and consider new perspectives to work toward a common goal.

    This online master’s degree in leadership combines a variety of powerful approaches to leadership, change and learning (including strengths-based change, distributed leadership, and integrated reflective practice) to help you build adaptive strategies, innovation, success-oriented culture, caring and respectful relationships, and positive social impact within an organization. Through this program, you’ll build an individualized approach to leadership, in addition to advanced soft skills such as communication and critical thinking. 

    Learn more about the Master’s in Leadership Program

  • This fully online MS in Marketing Analytics program provides a comprehensive exploration into the transformative power of data analysis. Through the integration of foundational principles of strategic marketing with cutting-edge data science tools and methodologies, graduates will possess a strong command of leveraging data analytics for informed marketing decisions and analysis.

    Learn more about the Master’s in Marketing Analytics Program at the CCO page

  • This 100% online master’s degree combines the expertise and value of a master’s degree in human resources with a foundation in organizational strategy. This program empowers professionals to successfully lead, inspire, and cultivate diverse talent with the opportunity to differentiate your degree with a graduate certificate in an in-demand concentration in one of the following:

    • Human Resource Management: Learn how to use HR functions to advance the mission and strategic goals of an organization in authentic and relevant ways.
    • Leadership: Learn how to lead change in organizations and guide diverse people and perspectives to work toward a common goal in authentic and relevant ways.
    • Positive Organization Development: Become a more effective champion of positive change within your organization and gain a foundation in the philosophies, theories, applications, and practices of positive organization development.

    Learn more about the Master’s in Organization Development & Human Relations Program

Champlain College Online Technology Master’s Degrees

  • This cutting-edge, 100% online master’s degree combines knowledge of cybersecurity essentials and threat intelligence, with knowledge of databases, scripting, and data analysis and mining. The curriculum develops the knowledge and skills to analyze cybersecurity threats and identify patterns and trends, evaluate cybersecurity strategies and governance policies using data-driven insights, and use of machine learning and artificial intelligence techniques to identify and predict cybersecurity threats and vulnerabilities.

    Learn more about the Master’s in Cybersecurity Analytics Program

  • Advance your career with a top-ranked, award-winning, and nationally recognized digital forensics education. Champlain’s 100% online master’s in digital forensics degree develops students into scientists through an inspired, cutting-edge curriculum, closely aligned with emerging technology and new trends in the industry. Learn to gather and utilize digital evidence and apply investigative techniques to real-world scenarios. With a focus on both technical expertise (including knowledge of over 34 scripting languages and cloud and software applications,) and advanced soft skills such as leadership and communication, you’ll be prepared to handle the complex demands of a career in the growing digital forensics field.

    Learn more about the Master’s in Digital Forensic Science Program

  • This 100% online information security graduate program was developed in response to industry demand for a different kind of cybersecurity professional, one who is adept in both the strategic and tactical aspects of information security. Focus on your primary interests and set yourself apart with a focus in operations or management.

    • Operations Track Develop strategic thinking around prevention and response to incidents and enterprise protection. Foster your ability to respond to situations in a different way–beyond just protocol–and become the creative problem solver needed in the midst of incidents.
    • Management Track Deepen your understanding of sophisticated leadership topics and master systems thinking and project management. Formulate strategies that align with core personal values and promote communication, authenticity, and creative problem solving.


    Learn more about the Master’s in Information Security Program

  • Take your technical expertise to the next level with a master’s in information technology graduate program designed for individuals with technical backgrounds in various fields of study. In this 100% online graduate degree program, you will emerge with a strategic, integrated view of information technology that will provide a robust framework for today’s technical professionals to think more critically and approach complex organization challenges more innovatively. You’ll also gain essential skills, such as communication, critical thinking, and leadership, that will be key assets for future career advancement as technology evolves. Set yourself apart from the competition and round out your IT master’s degree with a certificate in a specialized area of focus. Choose from:

    • Business Management Learn and practice advanced management concepts, with a specific focus on leadership and the global economy.
    • Data Science Learn how to design and query databases, create and use scripts, visualize data, evaluate machine learning models, and examine uses for artificial intelligence to gain insight and resolve issues as you capture, maintain, process, analyze, and communicate information.
    • Digital Forensics & Incident Response Learn how to classify risks, identify and categorize vulnerabilities, and recommend mitigation and remediation strategies that are effective in criminal and civil digital investigations in both the public and private sectors.
    • Software Engineering & Project Management Learn how to apply software testing techniques to ensure the quality of software products, follow project management best practices, and use the latest analysis requirements to specify software products.

    Learn more about the Master’s in Information Technology Program

  • In this 100% online master’s degree you’ll build and hone your technical and management skills while cultivating your leadership approach, and considering organizational goals and stakeholder needs. The curriculum consists of a combination of technical and management courses like object-oriented analysis and design, software testing and quality assurance, communication in an environment of open organizations, and foundations of group dynamics and successful teams. The program also includes courses in Agile development, security testing, and human computer interaction. This unique combination is highly desired in software engineers, software architects, project managers, and other roles in the software development industry.

    Learn more about the Master’s in Software Engineering & Project Management Program

Graduate School Admission Agreements

Champlain has admission agreements with New York University, New York Law School, and Vermont Law School. Champlain established these agreements in order to give students seamless opportunities to continue their studies.

Champlain College has a special agreement with NYU’s School of Continuing and Professional Studies. Students with a G.P.A. of 3.25 or greater can be granted “auto-admission” to one of 14 Master’s programs offered through NYU, including an M.S. in Management and Systems and an M.S. in Global Affairs.

Learn More About New York University

Champlain has partnered with New York Law School so highly qualified Legal Studies students from Champlain College, upon recommendation from the program director, may be admitted on a merit scholarship to either the 2-Year Juris Doctor Program or the traditional 3-Year Juris Doctor Program. Students who meet the requirements of the partnership will receive the following financial aid and housing options:

  • Guaranteed placement into NYLS housing (at the student’s expense)
  • 4+2 Program: A minimum guaranteed merit scholarship of $25,000 for each year that the student is enrolled in the two-year J.D. Program (up to a maximum of two years)
  • 4+3 Program: A minimum guaranteed merit scholarship of $15,000 for each year that the student is enrolled in the three-year J.D. Program (up to a maximum of three years) provided the student maintains a GPA in the top 50% of their respective class
Learn More About the New York Law School

Champlain’s articulation agreement with VLS guarantees admission into Vermont Law School’s Juris Doctor or Joint J.D./Master of Studies in Environmental Law Degree Programs degree program to Champlain College students who successfully complete Champlain’s requirements for the bachelor’s degree (BA or BS) and meet all entrance requirements.

Learn More About Vermont Law School

For more information about the entrance requirements of the New York Law School and Vermont Law School admission agreements, please contact Eric Friedman, Program Director, Law at (802) 865-5746 or

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