Future Ready

a student intern in a radio booth a professor helps a student at a computer

Our Curriculum is Upside-Down

Our Upside-Down Curriculum immediately puts students in professionally focused courses on DAY ONE. By working on real projects earlier, our students are ready for meaningful internships sooner than their peers at other institutions.

High-Growth Career Potential

Every Champlain major has career potential. Why? Because our programs are aligned with today’s in-demand industries and fastest-growing careers while looking toward tomorrow’s newly emerging fields.

Just Like the Real World

Our studio experiences and Centers of Experience encourage the learning and collaborative practices found in real life professional teams.

The Upside-Down Curriculum is responsible for almost every single experience listed on my resume. I took six major-related classes my first year, so I was prepared to take on editorial roles at student publications and assume a campus leadership position much quicker—and more skillfully—than I would have at another school.
Cat Butrick
Cat Butrick, ‘21, Professional Writing | Torrington, CT

Hands-On Experience

student working at a computer smiles at the camera Student mixing audio using professional equipment

Putting Classroom Learning to Work

Champlain’s four Centers of Experience embody our central value of innovation. From cybersecurity to training simulations, students are paid to take on real projects for real clients.

Studio Experiences

A signature academic feature of Champlain’s distinctive career-focused educational approach, students from a variety of specialties work toward a common project goal just like they will in real-world studios.

Intern Early & Often

Our students intern as early as their first year with the skills, knowledge, and credentials to start positions that most other students won’t start until their junior year. By starting early, students can have several internships by commencement.

Right from freshman year—my first semester—I had an internship. And that’s something a lot of schools don’t do, and it’s something I really appreciate, too.
Laila Martinez
Laila Martinez ’25, Computer & Digital Forensics | Chicago, IL

Power Skills

student presents to the audience at the game senior show student smiles while using her laptop outdoors

More than Technical Skills

Our students graduate with superpowers—the ability to think critically, communicate effectively, and use constructive criticism to improve upon past work. These “soft skills” are qualities hiring managers consistently tell us they want to see in candidates.

Think for Yourself

You’re skeptical in all the right ways. Nurture your critical thinking, learn to ask the right questions, and communicate your thoughts effectively with the skills you gain from our Core Curriculum.

Learning for Life

There’s more to learning than academics. Our holistic approach to success extends beyond your future career and includes personal finances, career positioning, and wellbeing—tools you need for life.

I’ve had countless recruiters and hiring managers tell me how much they love Champlain grads because they can just trust their skill and integrity. Champlain grads are more than a set of technical skills—we know how to ask the right questions to do the right things at the right time.
Megg Daudelin
Megg Daudelin, Alumnus | runZero | Adjunct Professor at Champlain College

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