Focused Area of Study For Writing & Publishing Majors

As a Writing & Publishing student, you may tailor your degree to gain a high degree of specific, marketable expertise.

Concentration in Editing/Publishing

The concentration in Editing/Publishing will equip you with the skills, knowledge, and experience needed to join the next generation's leaders in publishing. You'll learn all aspects of the publishing process while developing essential skills like editing and targeted communication.

Courses needed for this concentration:

  • WRT 346: Professional Pathways in Publishing

And an addition four (4) courses from the list to complete the concentration:

  • WRT 215: Magazine Publishing
  • WRT 235: Children's Literature
  • WRT 250: Developmental Editing & Publishing
  • WRT 345: Copyediting
  • WRT 347: Transmedia Storytelling
  • VCD 181: Design Solutions
  • Your Choice of One: 
    • BRD 110: Video Storytelling
    • BRD 117: Introduction to Broadcast Writing
    • BRD 240: Podcasting

Total Credits: 15