Writing & Publishing Major Learning Outcomes

Champlain College offers a variety of electives that exposes you to all forms of writing. By the time you graduate, you will have a distinct set of skills that an education in traditional writing programs doesn't provide.

Professional Writing Learning Outcomes

  1. Collaboration and teamwork: Work as an equal member of a team on complex projects involving several partners and multiple skills, resolving difficulties and differences of opinion.
  2. Digital communication: Create a website using industry standard templating and content management software applications; use social media to drive traffic to the site; create an online digital portfolio; crowd source and network using professional social media.
  3. Public voice and presence: Step into the professional realm by reading work in public, submitting work for performance or publication, and by self-publishing in print, video, audio, or online.
  4. Imaginative thinking and use of language: Explore, experiment with, and invent a variety of forms of writing in which original ideas combine with suitable and effective expression.
  5. Strategic thinking and use of language: Organize ideas and language effectively so as to address specific readers and meet specific purposes.
  6. Revision: Make edits on both micro and macro scale that demonstrate a mastery of the roles of form, diction, craft, and overall architecture in creating a piece of purposeful, coherent, and grammatically accurate writing of marketable quality.
  7. Ethical and legal: Examine and discuss the ethical and legal implications of their own work and that of their peers.
  8. Professional: Recognize and select valuable internships; make constructive use of professional contacts in their own area of interest; engage in basic contract negotiations involving their own work; represent themselves and their work in an organized, respectful, and articulate manner to potential editors, clients, and/or colleagues.