BSBA Concentrations

Customize your business degree for the career you want. After exploring your own strengths and interests, you'll choose a concentration within the BSBA program that sets you up to succeed in the type of work you love to do. Choose from:

Your concentration will give you distinctive expertise in an area that employers value highly.

Along with a concentration to hone your business education, you have the option to further personalize your experience by declaring a minor.

Business Analytics

Learn the intricacies of business analytics—exploring an organization's data to make informed decisions.

With today's standard of technology, almost any business can harness countless data points from its software and online tools. Learn how to read the data you have available, make decisions based on its implications, and obtain the kind of information that can help you identify additional opportunities.Courses in this concentration:

  • MTH 280: Applied Statistics
  • MGT 250: Introduction to Business Analytics Management
  • DAT 210: Introduction to Data Analytics
  • CSI Programming Elective
  • Analytics Elective
  • Analytics Elective

Information Systems & Technology

Information Technology exists to support organizational functions. Businesses depend on information to survive and thrive. Our concentration in Information Systems & Technology allows you to explore the relationship between a business and its networks of information gathering and storage.

The education provided by this concentration will prove to be invaluable in an economy that relies more and more on information technology.Courses in this concentration:

  • CSI 100: The Joy of Computing
  • SYS 140: Systems Fundamentals
  • CIT 200: Relational Database for Web Application
  • INV 310: Strategic Management of Innovation & Technology
    • or ITS 420: IT Management
  • Information Systems (IS) elective
  • IS elective

Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Be a driver of change in a changing world.

In this concentration, you'll learn how to incorporate innovation and creativity with business expertise. You'll discover how to develop creative ideas and solutions that benefit your organization. Through the Innovation & Entrepreneurship concentration, you'll become a resourceful, flexible, and adaptable thinker.

  • INV 210: Creativity & Innovation in Business
  • MGT 270: Business of Entrepreneurship
  • MGT 365: Entrepreneurship: Creating New Ventures
  • INV 310: Innovation & Technology 
    • or INV 410: Designing Innov. Org
  • INV 420: New Prod Dev
    • or INV 430: Social Entrepreneurship
  • MGT 425: Problem Analysis & D.M. 
    • or MGT 460: Bus. Policy & Strategic Mgmt


Good management is a hallmark of any successful organization. Effective, responsible management of people and resources can mean a world of difference to employees, communities, and your bottom line.

Champlain's BSBA concentration in Management provides you with the skills and tools to navigate business challenges and create positive outcomes.Courses in this concentration:

  • MGT 320: Product/Operation Management
  • MGT 210: Management & Organization Behavior
    • or MGT330: HRM I:Talent Planning & Acquisition
  • MGT 425: Problem Analysis & Decision Making
    • or MGT460: Business Policy/Strategic Management
  • INV elective
  • Approved program elective
  • Approved program elective