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Federal organizations—like the FBI, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, and the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration—are always looking for well-educated, highly skilled employees.

Likewise, local and state police forces as well as corrections, legal, and security entities need a constant influx of individuals with the dedication and integrity to do a difficult job well.

Champlain's Criminal Justice program will immerse you in the field's full range of possibilities—from policy reform to the everyday procedures of courts and police operations.

Why Study Criminal Justice at Champlain College?

You won't find a better qualified faculty to guide the criminal justice professionals of tomorrow. We have instructors who have been elected and appointed to important Vermont state positions, have practiced law as prosecutors, taught at the Vermont Police Academy, and even served on an international war crimes tribunal. They teach you what they've learned on the job, giving you valuable insight.

You'll learn by doing, starting in your first semester. Write weekly memos proposing solutions to modern investigative, legal, and ethical dilemmas. Deliver oral presentations. Participate in mock trials and suppression motions under the guidance of real trial judges, prosecutors, and defense attorneys. Through our Prison Law Initiative, you can even teach current prison inmates how to do legal research and writing.

Thanks to our Upside-Down Curriculum, you'll take a variety of criminal justice courses in your first year. This early learning allows you to accomplish more in the field during your internships, giving you greater depth and breadth of experience.

  • Learn the fundamental principles needed in criminal justice professions, from the criminal process to the essential elements of substantive criminal law. 
  • Study complex topics such as the global reach and impact of the drug trafficking trade on crime, terrorism, economics, and politics.
  • Explore challenging issues around social injustice, particularly discrimination and prejudice in the American criminal justice system.

The communication skills and proficiencies you gain at Champlain will develop your competence and marketability in one of society's most important fields. You'll be able to walk into your field with confidence that's backed by experience and skill.

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